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Jukebox For The Soul: Kanade

I don't think that it's any surprising when I write about anime songs and just how much I love my personalised jukebox. In those early days, trying to build up a decent compilation was difficult since there weren't as many resources and technology didn't allow much to happen anyway. My collection of anime songs had been pretty stagnated with merely a handful of classics and nothing else to possibly stimulate the mind and soul.

Thankfully, over these few years or so there have been newer additions to the list for wider variety and selection. Well, I suppose in the worst-case scenario I might still be contented with the same old stuff since the songs that I love are usually loop-worthy. Most of the newer songs were discovered randomly, especially of late when I would simply browse around for any anime that I could possibly kill time and boredom with. Those discoveries have also altered some of my old perceptions of life, through varying degrees and certainly not in a bad sense.

Oh, I might just add that my proficiency in Japanese language is still not quite up there yet, so most of the time I rely on the melodies and a little translation of the lyrics to help myself get into the mood. Of course, the singer's voice is just as important although for certain types of anime songs it doesn't really matter. Anyway, there are far too many awesome songs around and if I were to attempt compiling I suppose I would have to work past afterlife or something. For now, I would like to recommend a couple of anime songs that I feel could heal anybody's heart in times of need. These songs were stumbled upon randomly, and fortunately I fell in love with them immediately. While I consider them loop-worthy, I won't recommend them for cardio workouts. I suppose meditation is fine though.

Has anybody watched 'Isshuukan Friends' (One Week Friends)? I consider 'Isshuukan Friends' to be a rather important anime that addresses some of the most delicate parts of humanity and in the process heals the burdened soul. In my opinion, watching the first few episodes is already enough to open that thinking valve and expose any slightest hint of vulnerability. I wonder about my friends. I wonder if my friends wonder about me. I wish that we could re-live some of our happiest moments. I wish that I had been a much better friend. Some people might feel that it's overly distracting and uncalled for to be so immersed in such thoughts. Yet the experience is actually pretty therapeutic. Then, the ending theme song greets me with a closure (pun absolutely intended). Titled 'Kanade', it was covered by the voice actress of Fujimiya Kaori - Amamiya Sora.

Yes, you saw that right. The original performers of the song are a jazz fusion duo known as Sukima Switch. At first, the song seemed somewhat bittersweet but after repeated loops I realised that it's actually filled with hope and faith. I believe that those feelings are also evident in Kaori and Yuki as they look at each other across the album cover. There is something about the album cover that touches me rather deeply. I can't quite explain what it is though. My most favourite part of the song has to be this line:

Saigo ni nani ka kimi ni tsutaetakute
Sayonara ni kawaru kotoba wo boku wa sagashiteta
(I wanted to tell you something)
(I searched for the words to replace 'goodbye')

Seemingly simple words, yet they trigger off a person's deepest feelings. 'Kanade' has already made its way into my collection. Oh, the CD single also comes with a bonus track - the voice actor of Hase Yuki - Yamaya Yoshitaka has his own rendition of 'Kanade' as well. This little surprise has added a pleasant twist to the series. I suppose it's only natural for Yuki to sing his side of the story. Even though it's the same song, his feelings are different. Both renditions complement each other beautifully. I alternate between them during long bus rides and such.

Hopefully, I would be able to introduce more songs that are therapeutic for the soul. Do you have any favourites?

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪       

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