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Mangaka Spirits Wall-of-Fame July 2016

Wall-of-Fame July 2016
In a room full of Arts, I still stare at yours

"Mangaka Spirits" (Manga + Ka = A person who draws manga) captures the spirit of sketching, drawing and all forms of artwork by ordinary people. In this Wall-of-Fame, we feature the artworks of aspiring artists all over the world. Through their works, we hope to find inspiration in the things we do and hopefully unite as to a common purpose.

Mangaka 62 : Tin Tin Malicay
Age : NA
Artwork : One Piece
Art Material : Faber Castell classic, vellum board, pencil and eraser, signpen
School : Palawan National School
Favourite Anime : Naruto, bleach, DBZ, one piece, Ansastu kyoushitsu, AOT, My hero academia
Quote : "Try and try until you succeed"
Country: Philippines

Mangaka 63 : Jayvic Limsiaco
Age : 14
Artwork : Dragonball
Art Material : Faber Castell 24 colour pencils, dong-a 0.5 black gelpen and 2pcs of vellum board
School : Luyos National High School
Favourite Anime : Shigatsu wa kimi no uso, Dragon ball, One Punch Man, Anohana, and Sakurasou no Pet Na Kanojo
Hobbies : Watching anime, listening anime OST and making Anime Art
Quote : "Watching anime is the best thing to do for the people who are losing their hope".
Country: Philippines

Mangaka 64 : Ann Key
Age : 19
Artwork : Tokyo Ghoul
Art Material : Water colours
School : UTAR Sungai Long Campus
Course : Graphic Design and Multimedia
Favourite Anime : Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
Hobbies : Drawing and volleyball. I love my drawing life, although I'm still a beginner but I will try my best
Country: Malaysia

Mangaka 65 : Ry Kun
Age : 16
Artwork : D Grayman
Art Material : Ballpen and FC colour pencils.
School : ISALA
Course : Fine Arts
Favourite Anime : I can't choose because there's so many
Hobbies : Drawing, gaming, watching anime and reading manga
Country: Philippines

Mangaka 67 : Eriel Cardano
Age : 13
Artwork : Romania and Bulgaria from Hetalia
Art Material : Paint Sai Tool
Favourite Anime : Hetalia and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun
Hobbies : Study, draw and eat
Country : Philippines

Mangaka 68 : Kyla Dominique Co Zaragoza
Age : 15
Artwork : Alice from Pandora Hearts
Art Material : Color pencils, white gel pens and markers
Favourite Anime : Akatsuki no yona and Shingeki no kyojin
Quote : Always be kind. Sometimes, kindess is enough." ~Frisk
Country : Philippines

Mangaka 69 : Tan Li Wei
Age : 16
Artwork : Misaki Aoi (Original Creation)
Art Material : Copic Markers Micron Pigma pens and Brush alley skin tone
School : Yuan Ching Secondary School
Favourite Anime : Love Live
Favourite Hobbies : Watching anime and drawing
Country : Singapore

"Mangaka Spirits" is approved by our mascot Yushiko, an initiative brought to you by Milkcananime. Please submit your artwork via pm to our Facebook. Only approved artwork of reasonable calibre may be featured in our Facebook and Mangaka Spirits Wall-of-Fame.

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