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Dieting App: Pisuke and Rabbit

You might have heard of Pisuke and Rabbit, you might have not. They have stickers on Line, centralized in Japan but more importantly, I chanced upon this dieting application for them on Google Play. Like most other applications, it's free to download and have in-game purchases, if you'd like to. Moreover, the purchases are for stickers and wallpaper and do not affect any functions of its "casual dieting" theme! It's also popular in Japan so you might be able to chat with your Japanese friends about it!
So cute! 

This is Pisuke greeting you upon downloading the application. I have always found Pisuke endearing, and a cute little smiling Pisuke is something which I wouldn't give up for the world~
The next screen would bring you to set a passcode. This is important if you are intending to use the diary component of this app and would be writing sensitive content you wish to never let others lay their eyes on. If you don't wish to set a passcode, just click "Skip settings".
As a dieting application, albeit casual, the next step is of course to know your height and weight, as well as other information if you have them. Make sure that you set the units, they are very important! The application also gives an estimated healthy weight based off on your height and weight. My recommended weight was more than 4 kilograms than what I am at currently which surprised me!
This graph tracks your weight and gives you an easy visual inspection of how well you have been doing! It really is a casual application where you let your results determine how much work you'll put into dieting. There are hard and fast rules as to how much calories you have to do daily, or how long and what exercises you need to complete in a pre-determined time span. It really suits people like me!

As you can see, there are other functions at the bottom of the screen like "write a diary" and "wallpapers" which are pretty self-explanatory. "Between diaries" is an advertisement thing as far as I know of. It probably exists to help the application earn a little extra cash on the side.
Here's the diary entry layout. As you can see, it's very cute and you get a brief outline of what you can type and how the layout works and how it all looks like. In simple terms, it's really just a diary and you can choose to make it really personal (like writing about your daily life like a normal diary) or keep it all food and fat related, or both. Essentially, it's a two-in-one.
They also have a whole array of stickers you can choose from to represent how you feel that day. Leaving aside the fact that they are absolutely adorable, they are quite representative of how I feel on most days. And as you can see, I still have many stickers which I haven't unlocked so these would be further motivation for me to continue using this application.
Like the description says, there are 3 icons which you can click to highlight or remove highlight from. These icons have no fixed representations so you can assign different representations of your choice to them, such as mensus or bowel movement like the app suggests. I personally don't take note of such things so I use them to represent my meals. For someone who often skips meals, the 3 icons do well as an overall representation of how often I eat and/or skip meals.
You can even change the wallpaper you use in your sticker of the day! I haven't downloaded any so I'm only stuck with pink. Thank god that pink is my best color~

And like in Line where you have themes, this Japanese application has something really similar! They have wallpaper of which you can choose either a Pisuke or a rabbit theme, whichever you prefer. If you ask me, I love both of them and I really wish they had a theme for both of them together.

Really, I love how good this application helps you track your weight and height all while having a cute and handy diary option. I find that most other diary applications on Google Play work too hard to cater a professional looking platform to users and thus loses the "fun" in diary post-making. Personally, I really do enjoy this cute diary look!

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