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Absurd Japan! - Meet The Egg Who Can't Be Bothered Gudetama

Call me slow but I’ve only just recently found out about Gudetama, the adorably weird Japanese egg character from Sanrio. This is literally me in food form. Lazy, sleepy, and unmotivated, he has resigned himself to a fate of being eaten poached, raw and fried over rice, steak and other commodities. Plainly said, there is nothing more adorable than an anthropomorphic, arguably depressed egg yolk with a nice butt.   

And it seems that his character has resonated with people all over the world, with scores of merchandise, art snippets and even short films being lapped up enthusiastically by his fans. Keychains, notebooks, plush toys, mugs… The list goes on and on. His presence has so deeply penetrated my life that I force myself to hallucinate Gudetama faces on the egg yolks I crack in the kitchen. 

Could that possibly be... Century egg?!

I can't be the only one who thinks this picture is absolutely genius.

Those morning feels.

Guh! Don't you just hate it when people toss you in the natto! (But then again, Gudetama feels nothing. "Eat me if you will, I care not" is what I imagine him to say)

I feel like Gudetama so much that it isn't even funny anymore.

... I can no longer live on this Earth. *blasts off into space* 

Thank god that it is physically impossible for me to be at this place because I will literally drive myself broke. (image credits: @vivarilakkuma on Instagram)

Gudetama, there is truly no one else like you. I'll love you forever! (✿´‿`)

Written by Faelan

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