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Winter Playlist '14/15

Hi guys. How’s it going? Okay… Moving on.

I am very sorry for this very very late post. I was extremely busy with my 2nd year project due to the filming and editing that I didn’t really have time to write. Although I said that, I still managed to keep up to date with the releases of the various albums. Still waiting for a few to be out.

My winter playlist selections are finally over. It was a bit tough to decide their rankings, as there was a lot to listen to. Not like they were good or bad. They’re around there, you know? Just kidding... They are some nice songs out of that bunch and I quite enjoyed listening to them and looping each of them in between breaks while shooting. It was a brief moment but it was enjoyable. So it starts with the top ten and then a handful of my recommendations, the usual format.

Let’s start the playlist.

First up is... Drumroll... Drdrdrdrdrdrdrdr...(Not Durarara) Tss... Absolute Duo with its opening theme "Absolute Soul" by Konomi Suzuki. This song is so much fun to listen to. It makes me want to keep moving my body. It has so much energy in the chorus and it also has emotional parts to it about protecting, which relates to the MC's weapon, a shield. I really like Konomi-san's voice as I first heard her voice from Tasogare Otome X Amnesia opening theme, "Choir Jail". The animation for "Absolute Soul" is really nice to watch but it felt different to me when it came to the ice skating/dancing part. Maybe they're performing their own waltz...? Either way, absolutely amazing. Lol...

Next is Aldnoah.Zero 2 with it's opening song "&Z" by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki. This song is nice to listen to on a bus ride. It has a calming part in the beginning accompanied with an electric guitar and when it gets to the chorus you could feel the emotions being put into it. 

A screenshot from the music video...
The music video for it needed time for me to understand it as it struck me as peculiar. Another wonderful piece by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki.

The next song is just brilliant. From DeathParade, we have "Flyers" by Bradio, which is so groovy! 

Just awesome...
I really love this song as it brings back memories of old songs that I've listen to with a similar rhythm. I really like the animation of the opening theme. I can help but stand up and dance along since it looks like so much fun. The actual music video itself is amazing. Ahh... The old days of editing. Oh and their wardrobe is just perfect. The song really is amazingly different than the actual theme of the anime, which I find strange.

Following that is "Miiro" by AKINO from bless 4. The opening theme for Kantai Collection or KanColle is really really nice to listen to. It's one of my top songs with due to its tune. The drums are nice to listen to as well as I'll try to imitate it with my air drums (my vocabulary became limited all of a sudden). I could listen to this over and over again. Then maybe I’ll play “EXTRA MAGIC HOUR” next…

Next I have Koufuku Grafitti with its opening” Shiawase ni Tsuite Watashi ga Shitteiru Itsutsu no Hōhō” by Maaya Sakamoto

I kept repeating the opening animation...
This is song is very pleasant to listen to. It has a wonderful tune, an easy pace and accompanied by a great singer. I don’t really know what else to say. It just helps me feel pleasant inside and maybe hungry shortly after as the anime begins. The food really looks nice.

Next is from Nanatsu no Taizai. The second ending “Season” by Alisa Takigawa. 

Very nice art from the closing animation...
This is a great song to listen to. You can feel the emotions being put into the song. It has a sad vibe to it, which makes you want to cry. I know I’m exaggerating but the song does make me feel that way.

Following that is two songs from the same anime. Taking the next spots are the opening and ending theme of Saenai Heroine Sodate-kata. First is “Kimiiro Signal” by Luna Haruna. This song has an easygoing pace and is easy on the ears. It has a very nice tune as well as a good singer. Well not much can be said for this as I just like listening to it.

The ending theme, “Colourful” by Sawai Miku, is definitely my favourite this season. 

It has a very catchy tune, which I can't help but loop. It got me searching up for its lyrics instantly just to sing along with the ending theme when the anime ends. It makes any rainy day so much fun. Imagine a rainy day, where you walk in the streets with your hoodie on. As you pull your hoodie forward, it blocks you field of view in the distant. You start to run so as to get away from the rain and to a shelter. You then see a pair of shoes and you look up. You see a white frilly dress followed by a pink cardigan. Your gaze continues on to meet a pair of eyes looking back at you under a beige umbrella. The sun suddenly appears from behind those dark clouds as the rain lifts. The world around you starts to slow down as yours begin to turn.

Next is the popular Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso with its new ending theme “Orange” by 7!!. 

Chiisana kata wo narabete aruita...
This song is really pleasant to listen to. I don’t really need to explain. Give it a listen and you’ll definitely agree that is very beautiful. I actually listen to it one time when I was going to bed and I started to tear up. You just feel all fuzzy inside and your emotions started to overcome you. Ahh… Adding it to my playlist of wonderful songs to listen to when I go to sleep. Ohh… a teardrop fell.

Last song on the list goes to Tokyo Ghoul Root A. It’s not the opening theme. I couldn’t really take that one in. The ending theme “Kisetsu wa Tsugitsugi Shindeiku” by amazarashi takes the final spot. This song is really nice to listen to. The catchy tune really helps with it getting stuck in my head. I was pleasantly surprised when it was first introduced. “YES! The anime is saved with this!” was my reaction. I didn’t mean it as the anime was bad. Just that the opening was a bit of a let down. Guess I have to get use to it… somehow…  The actual music video for the ending song was really good. It was really nice to watch as it shows a ghoul eating raw meat (I presume). If I am not wrong the girl in the music video is supposed to be Rize. 

Mmm... Delectable...
But it started to disturbing halfway through. I guess I couldn’t really stomach it as I ate at Seoul Garden before I watched it. Ughh… Raw meat…

So there it is. My top ten this season. And finally, onto the recommendations. And as usual a handful may be an understatement.

Kancolle ED - Fubuki by Shiena Nishizawa
Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha OP - Blade of Hope by sweet ARMS
Cross Ange ED 2 - Shuumatsu no Love by Nana Mizuki
Shirobako OP 2 - Takarabako by Masami Okui
Shirobako ED 2 - Platinum Jet by Donuts Quintet
Magic Kaito OP 2 - Ai no Scenario by CHICO with HoneyWorks
Magic Kaito ED 2 - Koi no Jumbo by Galileo Galilei
iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls OP - Star by Cinderella Project
iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls ED - Yuubae Present by Cinderella Project
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu OP - Seishun Satsubatsu-ron by 3-E Utatan
Ansatsu Kyoushitu ED - Hello, Shooting Star by Moumoon
Dog Days 3 ED - Stay With Me by Horie Yui
Juuou Mujin no Fafnir OP - Flying Fafnir by TRUSTRICK
Gundam Build Fighters Try OP - Just Fly Away by Edge of Life
Isuca ED - Somebody to love by TWO-FORMULA

There it is my winter playlist. Really can’t wait for the next season’s songs. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I would like to enjoy all these tracks again. Maybe I’ll marathon Chrome Shelled Regios again after that?

Mata ne~

Written by Zwei


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