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ねこあつめ NekoAtsume! Let's feed the stray cats together!

A furry tail rubbed across my leg! I felt disgusted by that white cat underneath my chair. Immediately I went to the wash room and cleaned my leg. And when I returned to my seat, I lifted my leg up to avoid any situation with it. That was me a few years back when I was a teenager. I hated everything which had fur such as hamster, guinea pig, dog and cat.

Who knew few years later I have become someone who adore all fluffy creatures and enjoy going to the pet store to play with them! How I wish I could have a cat in the future! (Poking the paws every day.)

To satisfy my fetish for cats, I have searched high and low for cat-related games in my mobile phone. I was very excited when I saw a stranger whom had posted a few images in Instagram. I downloaded the game and played for months. Although it was far from touching the cat's paw, but gazing at them through my mobile screen was satisfying enough.

Although the game is in Japanese, it is such a breeze to play. Once you have navigated and explored every option, you will understand how to play NekoAtsume. 

Firstly, there will be a tutorial to teach you how to play the game. You will be given a basic place which is your garden. The objective of this game is to feed the cats, get the money which is in the form of Fishes currency (I will explain this later), purchase the item to decorate your garden and attract more cats to come!

You will need to purchase a red ball and placed it on the ground in the garden. Once you have completed this task, you are free to do whatever you want! Come to Papa, dear cat.
This is where you can see your cat individually. Their preference such as what they like and how many times had they visited your garden.
After a few game updates, their options has become more systematic and easier to navigate. Currently the game version is v1.3.1. As you can see from the image above, there are few options that you can choose from. The first row will be a cat list. The second option on the second row is the treasures.
When you start to play the game, the list is definitely empty but I will show you the full image and what it should be. At the moment there are 48 different types of cats in the game for you to invite them to your garden. By getting the right toys they will appear in your garden eventually. Rare cats take longer time to appear as you would need to purchase expensive and the right toys to attract them.
1. Name for the cat (By default, the name will be in Japanese and you are free to rename them)
2. Personality
3. Strength (I assume this is to determine the amount of fishes you will get but not to the exact quantity. For example,100 strength give you ten fishes versus 50 strength give you only three fishes. If I am wrong on this, please update me)
4. Number of times visited
5. Top three-played toys
6. Album (Where you can view your cat's photo if you have taken any)
7. Treasure (Tap on the treasure to see its description)
This is one of my favourite cats, Shirley! She was the first few cats that appeared in my garden.I could not resist naming the cat as Shirley. Shirley is one of my friends who enjoy foods. That was my inspiration.

This fat and white cat will appear occasionally in your garden and eat all your food!! She will just lie there and feel contented with her tummy bloated. Please do not refill your cat food when Shirley is there or you will get lesser fishes!

Each cat will drop random item for you to collect. I do not understand the purpose of collecting these items but I think this is just to add some fun factor. As I have mentioned previously, each treasure image will appear on your cat individually on its profile.
You will need in-game money (fishes) in order to buy anything from this market. Before that let me explain to you the different currency in the game.
Every cat will leave you some fishes after they have enjoyed the toys. The fishes will go to 'Money' which I will talk more about it later. Some cat leaves you silver fishes or gold fishes. The amount varies from cats to cats (I did not really bother about the amount since you can rack up to 150 fishes per day)

Gold fishes are the cash-money, which mean you can purchase them using real money.Do not spend your hard earn money on this gold anchovies! You will have enough to collect everything in the future. Just be patient.
There are many toys for you to choose to interact with the cats. Large items will require a bigger space to accommodate them. Large toys will attract two to three cats. Usually one cat can only occupy one toy at one time but with larger toy, more cats can play together! Besides those interaction toys, your next goal will be to save enough gold fishes to buy the house expansion! You will have to save about 180 gold anchovies!!You may feel it takes long to have enough of gold fishes when you start playing but if you keep on playing for a week, you will accumulate enough.

Bigger house means you are able to put more toys on the ground = more cats will come to play!

The second last update brings new houses to the game. You have one house design only when you begin. These houses are expensive but as a first timer you are able to get a discount.You can have one for a small amount of 140 of gold fishes. For the next house will be 280 gold fishes.
Most images that you are looking are from my own version of NekoAtsume. I have unlocked all the houses by saving enough money.
I have abandoned my house for a long period. When there is no food, cats will not come to play.
This image was taken from a random website showing a house full of cats and their activities.
Once you have the items, you can place them on the given ground spot. Food bowl's location is fixed while other toys or tools can be placed anywhere within the yellow circle. If you select a large item, you need to place it on a larger spot. Red spot circle will appear such as the image above when the item is placed in a constrain area. Each house or scene has different allocation spots for toys. 

Do not be sad when you find out that there is no cat interaction. You can admire them from your mobile screen but with this function, you can capture the cat cuteness. You can either take the photo of the cat or your garden. Cat photos will go to the individual cat's album. After the house expansion, you are able to take a whole screen house image. The background photo will be saved in your phone. 

If you tap a cat, you are able to see the cat’s photo under the album option. Each cat has a main photo as a cover page and you can choose the best shot to replace it. 
Cat's Area
This is the only button you can tap to go back to the main screen when you are in other option menu.(*´▽`*)

This is where you collect all your fishes from the cats. It is listed out in detail such as which cat and the x amount of fish. In the beginning, you may want to see which cat gives you the most fishes. After a while, you will press the ultimate button, which is “Collect all”!!
Setting and News
This option is direct and it appears on every other game. Setting consists of volume control of the game background and sound effect. News option brings you to their website and the second one is twitter page

This page teaches you how to play the game with every function in it. You may email the admin if you encounter any issue. Rest assure that the game is very simple and easy to play. This is also the page where you can view or purchase the new house expansion which is shown above. 

I hope you will enjoy this cute game. (=ↀωↀ=)

Written by SnoringSeal

Credits :A few Images taken from various website.
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