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Catching up: Pokemon X, Winter Season ending and Gin no Saji..


How’s everyone? Welcome to yet another instalment of my catching up post. I am a bit stump on writing an intro to the post so let’s just move on.

First up is Pokemon X. I bought my copy during Chinese New Year with my New Year’s money as I decided to play the game after putting it off buying it with the excuse of having Omega Ruby. I am right now delaying my elite four debut after having a marathon of clearing gyms. Haha…. In other words I felt a bit bored so I am taking time off from it. My pokemon are already over level and things became a bit too easy. I still agree that X and Y are a bit pampered to players. Like the music though. I sometimes just turn on my 3DS just to listen to it, having it looped back again. I am more interested in the new SAO game that’s coming out. English version that is. The Japanese version came out on March 26, just a few days ago.

I believe I can fly...
Lost Song looks really good (I believe I had said this before). I can’t wait to buy my copy. I realized I have not touch my PS Vita since last year. I should really finish Hollow Fragment before buying Lost Song.

There may be spoilers for those of you who haven't completed watching the winter season. So... SPOILER ALERT

Next topic will be the winter season ending. The feels were there but not a single tear shed though. Unfortunately, not all of them were great. Some were disappointing. Absolute Duo was meh… Ace of Diamond was great to watch even though they are facing a big problem in the future. The way Aldnoah.Zero 2 was actually quite good. I was a bit sad, as the AsseylumXInaho ship didn’t happen. Haiz… 

I see the tables have turned...
Still the ending was great. Death Parade had a great ending even though it hurts right in the kokoro. 

My heart... Ugh..
Dog Days” ended on a high note. Durarara!!X2 Shou with Izaya on the ground. Garo was actually quite good. Glad I stuck with it. Isuca was disappointing. Junketsu no Maria ended with a happily ever after. Kancolle was rushed, but I can accept it even though many other are raging over the writers. Haha. Kiseijuu was nice. I’m glad it followed the manga. Koufuku Grafitti has prepared me for Shokugeki no Soma so I am ready for the main course. 

I find myself hungry whenever I'm watching this...

Taberu~ Tsukuru~ Tsukuru~ Taberu~ Taberu~ Tsukuru~ Futaridubidubab~
Log Horizon 2 ended off nicely. Hope they have another season. Magic Kaito 1412 needs more episodes. Saenai Heroine Sodate-Kata had a rushed character’s arc so it was a bit bad. But the way they left it, I was hoping for a second season (I found out about what happened in the Light Novel and the feels started attacking but I really hope they do make a second season of it). Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso was really wonderful to watch. I was really down with that last episode but it was a great ending. Bittersweet. 

The moment when I went "Oh....." Now I get it... Now the title makes sense...
Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha was something I didn’t expect to have second season but I am looking forward to seeing Basara being OP. Tokyo Ghoul was something. I was a bit iffy about it but with Kaneki finally meeting up with Hide, it made my day.

I have been watching anime that I’ve missed out on from previous years and I have yet to finish the set that I had set aside. But one of them that stood out was Gin no Saji. I didn’t know why I did not include it in my list when it was airing but I did not regret doing that. If I did, I would have gone crazy waiting for the next episode to arrive. The anime was enjoyable to watch with its humor and knowledge on agriculture. In fact, I learned quite a few things from it that left me quite satisfied. 

I am really interested in making this... Is it really nice?
It certainly reminded me that the egg does come out of the chicken’s anus. Haha… That part was so funny. The music is also very nice to listen to. When “Oto no Naru Hou e-“ played, I immediately recognized Goosehouse. It is actually a good introduction to the group Goosehouse, the same with Shigatsu. Sad though that it ended with only two seasons. We need more Gin no Saji!

That was winter. It wasn’t all great but it was certainly ful’feel’ing. (I’ll see myself out…) Now, I can’t wait for the Spring season. It’s just there! I can feel it! It’s within hands reach!

Mata ne~

Written by Zwei


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