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Visual Novel Giveaway: Win A Steam Key For 'If My Heart Had Wings'!

Note: This contest is held by Green Tea Grafitti. Hence, please direct all further enquiries to their website or check out their contest page / Facebook post for more details. Arigato! (*≧▽≦)ノ

Hello guys, we have some rather exciting news for you! We're proud to partner with Green Tea Grafitti to help promote their latest giveaway extravaganza. Contestants stand a chance to win one of 20 steam keys for the visual novel game, If My Heart Had Wings, and the submission deadline is April 7 2015 at 11:59pm (Korea Time).

However, if you're a visual novel virgin (such as myself), here's some essential info on what it's all about. Alternatively, skip to the third question to get all the contest deets!

"What is a steam key?"
Steam is basically an online game platform and you have to download it to run it. Here, games are distributed and can either be purchased or played for free. Steam keys are codes that are used to activate the games. 

"How do I play My Heart Had Wings?"
In terms of graphics, visual novels are usually made up of static images and a lot of narration. Their story development is dictated by the player's interaction and choices made within the game. It's kind of like those books you read as a kid that have multiple endings; by having questions that ask you to flip to a certain page, according to what option you choose. The difference is that visual novels have a lot of pictures and are way more complex. 

Plot-wise, you can check out the Wiki page for a more comprehensive outline.

"Sounds awesome! How do I enter?"
#1. Like their Facebook page, subscribe to their YouTube channel, and join their email list
#2. Now for the fun part: email them your answer (max 500 words) on the topic of 'What Makes a Good Story' to with the subject title "<your name>visual novel contest".

Judging takes place from 8-15 April, after which the winners will be notified on 16 April. 

That's basically it guys! Simple, right? Get writing, and good luck!!

Written by Faelan

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