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Guilty Crown

Our dear founder of Milkcananime, Max, has recently mentioned that he hasn't seen Guilty Crown shared on this blog, and I thought, why not? Sure, there's alot of comparison with Code Geass and therefore alot of criticism as Code Geass is absolutely great, but I like both so I won't compare. Personally I really like the art, so much that I bought the artbook, and even naysayers have to agree that the soundtrack is pretty awesome!

The story is set in post-apocalyptic Japan after the disastrous Lost Christmas. An organization known as GHQ had successfully contained the hazardous biological outbreak and restored a level of order at the cost of Japan's independance.The plot revolves around Shu, one who becomes affected with the "Power of the Kings", the ability to extract others' hearts as a physical weapon. Shu meets Inori, a mysterious girl who leads him to resistance organization Funeral Palor, who want to liberate Japan from GHQ. He meets Gai and eventually joins Funeral Parlor. Shu finally remembers his sister Mana, who turned out to be the one who spread the Apiocalypse Virus, the biological hazard which destroyed Japan during the events of Lost Christmas.

At this point I'll stop explaining the story just in case there are readers who don't want to be spoiled! Just to let you know, there are a lot of events that happen after that, the above paragraph is merely the tip of an iceberg!

One thing I love about Guilty Crown is the art. I greatly enjoy the futuristic art of Japanese science fiction. The concept art was by Redjuice, one of my favourite artists! In Anime Festival Asia 2013, I had the chance to purchase some of his artbooks.

And here are some images from the artbook!

My personal favourite character is Daryl Yan. He's a pretty deranged individual that loves bloodshed and uses the most violent and murderous tactics in battles. However, he does a have a softer side to him, yet his insanity causes the nice side of him to remain mostly hidden.

If there's one thing that makes Guilty Crown stand out, it is definitely the soundtrack. Composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, he is well-known for writing scores for anime, TV series and movies. However, my favourite one is by Egoist! 

Writing this post really made me reminscence about the times I spent watching Guilty Crown! I was really excited about it and watched every episode as soon as they were available, as well as downloaded the entire soundtrack. Well, here's my favourite song~

Written by Nana

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