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Monster Curry

If there had to be something that I must eat before the world comes to an end (I know it's cliche, but just humour me for now), let it be Japanese Curry...or more specifically, Monster Curry. A friend had introduced me to the franchise early this year. Obviously, the Japanese radar in me (I should have one somewhere) didn't forget to attach itself to the premises. According to its official website, currently Monster Curry has three outlets in Singapore. There are two outlets in Orchard - one is on the fourth basement of ION Orchard, and the other is a stall inside Food Republic at 313@somerset. The third outlet is closer to the heartlands, right on the first basement of NEX in Serangoon.

The menu

Monster Curry's unique appeal is naturally its generous revelation of how its signature curry is prepared. Just that information is more than adequate to work up the saliva...I mean, an appetite. Another unique point is that customers are able to select their preferred levels of spiciness for all the curry dishes. Of course, to accommodate those who can't take the slightest heat yet would still want to try the curry, the restaurant offers a '0 Flame' which means that there isn't any hot sauce added to the curry. The hot sauce is a blend of celery and the trinity of cooking - chilli, garlic and ginger. I'm not that ambitious (yet), therefore I had settled for just '2 Flame'.

Pork Katsu Curry

The serving might be a little heavy for those with a small appetite, although according to my friend the restaurant used to serve an even bigger portion before. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to share a dish with a friend. In my case, I went with two friends and we ordered the following: Pork Katsu Curry and Big Fried Fish Curry. Oddly, it didn't cross any of our minds that we could have ordered one of the combos. Oh well, there is always next time!

Kakichan preparing food

Big Fried Fish Curry

I think that I might want to try the Cheese Omelet Curry next time. It somewhat reminds me of omu rice, even though they are completely different dishes. It wouldn't be that weird to have omu rice half-drenched in curry, would it? Gosh, the Monster Egg Curry looks just as tempting if not more so. And there is an onsen egg on top of the usual omelette! Okay, I should really calm down before I start drooling at the computer screen. By the way, the omelette and onsen egg are available as extra toppings alongside the various meat and seafood.  

Honestly, the price range for the curry dishes is still considered affordable and even more so if you are sharing with friends. However, I wouldn't say the same for the toppings although I might have an onsen egg to go along with a meat curry dish or something. The curry goes really well with the rice and its consistency and flavours are just right. I've only been to the outlet at ION Orchard, and it is very easily packed most of the time. Even though Monster Curry is labelled as a restaurant, I feel that the space actually defines otherwise. Not that it should bother anybody, but sometimes I wish that I could ease my hunger pangs a little easier...and satisfy my ultimate craving.

Anybody else has been to Monster Curry? What is your favourite curry dish? What about a recommendation? I'm so going back there again...that is, if I could find a table for myself.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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