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Sword Art Online: Lost Song

Yes! I bought it! I have my very own copy of Sword Art Online: Lost Song! 

I was so worried I won’t be able to play it as soon as possible due to the delay of two days, which left me on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next day to burst out the door and rush for my copy. But when I actually got it, I was the only one there. Maybe, because it was still school hours…?

Unfortunately, I didn’t play it straight away as I still have lessons going on so I push playing it to evening. But then I procrastinated again by pushing it to night as I decided to stay in school to play a card game call The Resistance: Avalon. It’s a gamer where you have to deduce the identity of other players similar to Mafia and Werewolf. Basically if you’re the servants of Arthur, you will have to avoid choosing bad guys in your missions, while the other party tries to sabotage it and stay anonymous. It is definitely a fun game to play with your friends, which sort of test your intuition and your social skills in order to find out the bad guy or deceive the good.

Anyways, I installed the game on my Vita and was expecting a “Link Start” cut scene but there was none. Haiz… But I was not disappointed then on. Some of you guys probably be reading this thinking “Oh, here he goes. Singing praises about SAO: Lost Song” and maybe “Look at him. Rubbing it in the faces of western people who don’t have a copy.” You know what? That’s half wrong. The singing praises part is false. Haha… Just kidding… I am much too busy grinding than to bully the westerners.

Back on topic, the game is actually quite well done though the loading screen takes quite a while when you're just starting the game.

I'm waiting...
In the beginning, you wil- Oops, sorry. I meant I was taught of the controls and various features that are incorporated in the game. The flying in the game is fun. 

Speeding up is also an option but it’s quite short as the stamina of the characters run out quite fast. So if a scenic cruise through the sky is what you want, take it slow. I think it varies from character to character on how fast it runs out.

Sakuya, Leafa and Alicia Rue... My party at the moment as I as levelling them up.
The game allows you to choose the difficulty you want to play in, which you can choose at the start screen but you cannot change if you’re like currently playing until you exit to the start screen.

Various features that I discovered through playing and you guys probably know is being able to form your very own dream team, a party of three. 

Which one to pick...?
Having the ability to choose which character you’ll like to play as and also creating your own character (which is limited the different NPC designs) is actually quite fun. Lately, I’ve been playing a lot more on Argo as I really like her character. She deserves much more love than how it was from HF.

You may notice this bar under the map colored in red titled “UNION”. 

The first boss, Fafnir...
It plays quite a handy role in your party battles once you activate “Union Rumble” as it helps to boost your attacks so it will hit harder and stun enemies a bit easier. Switching is also a part of this but I have difficulty in carrying it out.

Weapons enhancing is also a bit more easier than it was in HF as you have the first five enhancing on an individual weapon with a 100% guaranteed rate of success and then it gets harder as the rate decreases and the items needed increases.

Clearing dungeons and fighting monsters now aren’t really scary as the members in your party can revived you, well unless you’re going solo. 

You can also get rich quite easily when doing quests and going out to find this yellow mystical sphere scattered around the map. Overall, Lost Song is pleasing to the eyes, though may be lag when monsters disintegrate. I am quite happy as to how it turns out. 

At the moment, I just lifted off the “Altitude Limiter” on the frozen island, “Frosthilde” and am leveling up all my characters, including two custom characters, to level 200+. I am stopping my progress for a while as I am bombarded with my responsibilities as a student but will slowly get back to playing it once again. I am also waiting for more DLCs to be released over the weeks and months.

With that, I would like to take my leave. Let’s see… where’s the log out button…?


Ah… There it is…

Found it...
Mata ne~

Written by Zwei


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