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Emptying My Wallet at Doujima 2016

Hi everyone! Nana here today~ Well, let's cut to the chase! As you can infer from my title, I went all out at Doujima this past weekend. Those of you who are not new to the blog will know that I go to events for two main reasons: figurines and fan merchandise. Doujima is something I've always, ALWAYS wanted to go to! After all, an event dedicated to our local doujin artists is basically a dream come true for me.

In a mere two hours, I used up my Doujima budget (and perhaps more). Well, support local (and even non-local), right? I'll try to list the artists here if I remember! (Unfortunately, I don't remember a lot of them.)

I'm pretty sure you can guess the motivations behind the purchase of this book! As soon as we saw those chiseled abs, we were sold. This is by HairyMan毛毛人!

I generally refrain from buying prints but I do like postcards. I've been following artist Minoru Joeling for quite some time now and am definitely liking this style of Osomatsu brothers ^_^ This Ahri postcard is the first item I purchased! It doesn't come across in a photo but she's iridescent, as hinted by the rainbow tones on the moon. It really is a beautiful piece, I wouldn't have minded a larger one.

I also got an adorable Touken Ranbu bookmark. How cute are the chibi swords with their animal counterparts?! (Answer: Extremely.)

A type of item I've been getting more of lately is stickers. Since I keep a daily planner, putting stickers is a great way to spruce it up! I particularly like it when I can get stickers in sets, such as the Touken Ranbu and JoJo set! The artist of the Jojo set is Khudeejuh and she added in SFX stickers which are so cute!

Charms have always been a big percentage of my buys and this time it's no different. They are just to pretty to miss out on! Even though KnB has ended, I'm glad there is still fanmerch of Kagami and this one of him chewing a burger (what's new) is so cute! By the way, check out the detail in the weeaboo Deadpool charm! The two of us are similar in some ways. We like ramen, buying figurines, eggs on toast, hugging pillows emblazoned with our favourite characters and wield double katanas.

Check out Ichi's face! I really like this kind of double-sided charms! So humorous.

For the first time ever, I bought acrylic stands! I was quite taken by the defence attorneys, then while making payment, decided I would regret not getting the prosecutors as well. The artist is Circus-Usagi! Much of her art has a distinctive chibi-style and I've bought items from different animes/games from her at different events, all adorable!

As we were leaving, I spotted, out of the corner of my eye, a print of Kagami! It was too lovely to pass up. I bought it without considering much. After some Internet skulking, I can 99% confirm this belongs to Mazjojo (censored but NSFW link!) of the famous Black Monkey Pro circle. They are quite popular for BL works. From what I saw at the booth, the lines are very clean and they use vibrant colours! It is quite appealing.

With that said, I'm already looking forward to more Doujimas in the future! For now, I will be saving up for Funan Matsuri in June. So excited! I love events, and I love all you doujin artists out there for fulfilling my need for merch merch and more merch.

Written by Nana

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