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Red and White

This month is all about the colours Red and White, unless you are staying in somewhere else which has no remote concern with these two colours. No worries though, the historical connection aside any colour is just as common. Red and White happen to be quite a few things. I'm sure that many readers can relate somewhat. The stuff over here should be able to ring a bell. The theme for today's write-up is things of Red and White.

When I was a kid, the boys in my class were crazy over Slam Dunk. Some kid even owned the entire set of manga or something, but that didn't raise any sort of envy on my side. Sure, the anime was also the talk of almost everywhere. I remember watching the first episode or some episode where Sakuragi Hanamichi had bumped a hole out of somebody's forehead. The rest had unfortunately turned fuzzy. Anyway, Slam Dunk had stood out easily with its red and white, in particular the former with Hanamichi's hair sticking out of his tall frame.

However, I remember more of Akazukin Chacha. This one had really stuck for a while, with its cuteness overload and the fact that one of the members of SMAP, Katori Shingo, had voiced the character of Riiya. The theme songs were extremely catchy as well. But I didn't manage to complete the entire series. It was either my attention span or shortchanging. Then again, I didn't think that anime could run for ages. Anyway, this one has got red and white too! 

Akagami no Shirayukihime (Snow White with the Red Hair) is one of those long-suffering series that I had meant to watch properly, yet for some unknown reason I have kept hidden at the back of my head. I apologise to Shirayuki and the rest of the gang for perpetually ignoring them when I really shouldn't. The only thing that has remained ever since is the music. I play the theme songs occasionally. Well, the player shuffles them. In a universe where red hair is considered some kind of rare sighting, I don't think that I would be able to sit through that absurdity. But red is not an easy colour to pull off on hair though.

Who can forget this unsettling look from Tokyo Ghoul? It is rather hard to even think about the things that happen in Tokyo Ghoul. Don't get me wrong. I like a good dash of horror from time to time. For this one however, I just pretend that I know some things about it and put aside hoping that nobody asks anything about the series. The ability to haunt the senses with a sole imagery like that up close is certainly beyond what the eyes see on its surface. Yeah, I think that it is the bloody eye which disturbs much. But can you guess what the irony is? I'm actually okay with most eyes.

Well, colours are meant to beautify our surroundings, provoke our senses, add some positivity into our lives, and so on. For anime, the rich indulgence of colours speaks enough volumes that no explanation is necessary. We would have formed our own definitions anyway.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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