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Fan Service: Najica Blitz Tactics

As much as I understand just how flawed what I'm about to say would come across, quite unfortunately the statement does hold considerable weight on its own, leaving only a little room for whatever you wish to digress. In the world of anime and manga, naughty boys and girls come together and flash their dirty little secrets, not necessarily to one another but primarily to the audience. I suppose that one of the terms universally coined is fan service. Ecchi is fine. I mean, naughty boys and girls worship the god or goddess of one of the world's fantastic creations so fervently that as if any hint of discrepancy would instantly unleash a catastrophe. Well, all of us have different needs and wants, no matter how absurd some of those may sound. If the sight of a pair of underwear could send a strong wave of cheer into a fractured soul, I say why not.

Years ago, I stumbled upon this rather peculiar yet refreshingly vivid anime which almost immediately annihilated my conservative perceptions of anime. Okay, while that sounds a little exaggerated, considering that I hadn't watched a lot of stuff back in those days, even the slightest difference could well put my senses on hold. Anyway, that anime was called Najica Blitz Tactics. The rather interesting choice of words aside, what had first left an impression on me was the purely instrumental theme song at the beginning. Yeah, and it still does send ripples because of its big band arrangement. The song effectively brought out the sexy, suspenseful and dangerous mood. It also helped to have an equally awesome sequence of action and yeah, I'm sure that some of you would have seen this coming, panty shots.

Intentional or not, those sights could well distract or enhance the appreciation of what the story was really about. For me, I was actually quite tickled by how deliberate the animators had meant for those panties to stuff right into people's eyeballs. Without a flinch. Those supposedly little intimates quickly became supporting pillars in the course of action, pun intended. I'm not sure if there had been some kind of an undertone, but the excessive displays of panties also meant that the underlings were entirely female who were pretty unfortunate enough to end up in such revealing states. Well, I suppose that nobody had really complained about anything. I simply found those situations amusing. Then, it dawned upon me that I still didn't catch the gist of the anime after all that madness.

Now, I shall attempt to ditch those panty shots in favour of a coherent explanation of what Najica Blitz Tactics really is. Given that the probability of digression is already sky high to begin with, please don't expect a flawless rendition of sorts. Najica is what we would call the typical secret agent who doubles as somebody else in the day - an employee of a fragrance company that is also secretly operating as an intelligence unit. Najica has been tasked to save a female android named Lila for her first mission. Najica and Lila are then assigned to each other as partners to go on missions to track down other similar androids which have either been lost or landed in the hands of the bad guys. Naturally, those missions involve intense gunfight sequences, cat-and-mouse chases, and panty shots. There, I have said it again.

Never mind that. At least, Najica Blitz Tactics had sort of paved the way ahead for other titles with just as much fan service if not more so for a unique viewing experience. Anyway, there is still the opening theme song if everything else doesn't work out.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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