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Halloween is fast approaching us, but it isn't customary at my house to throw expired candy at children and adults in elaborate, creepy costumes. There is no disturbing footage of an eccentric man wearing nothing else but a dirty apron gouging out the insides of a poor pumpkin. The corridor which leads to the sole elevator doesn't emit clouds of white mist. If it does...well, never mind. Anyway, there should be a bunch of wild parties out there readily embracing the spooky, wickedly fun and crazy occasion. While I have never dressed up as the supernatural, I rather fancy the idea of going out as one. 

Has anybody heard of Kaidan Restaurant? Years ago, I did catch a little of this anime series. While labelled as a horror anthology, Kaidan Restaurant was actually a lot milder in various aspects. Well, the target audience was mainly children. The layout of those stories was pretty impressive, with the creative element ever changing and filled with little surprises. Naturally, Kaidan Restaurant featured an actual restaurant setting which would operate throughout each episode as sort of an interval between segments. Of course, the restaurant also served as a backdrop for the opening and ending credits.

The most prominent character had to be the ghost garcon which also doubled as the manager of the restaurant. The ghost garcon was actually likeable. In other words, he wasn't even remotely scary. The ghost garcon had an air of familiar mischief though most of that would be saved for comic relief. Peekaboo, anybody? I'm sure that this idea had been thought about before, but a big glass bowl of fruit punch with edible eyeballs swimming inside makes quite a scare for any Halloween party.

An awesome idea for a stomach-churning, eye-popping, jaw-dropping, leg-wobbling character would be Kuchisake Onna. She belongs to a popular urban legend which many readers might be familiar with. While I'm not an expert in make-up and prosthetics, I believe that it shouldn't require much be that in expenses or resources to turn into Kuchisake Onna. Let's see, a wig for those without naturally long hair, a surgical mask, a trench coat, coloured contact lens, a pair of scissors (please be extremely careful with that) and the effects make-up which is the split mouth! Oh yeah, the classic line spoken in the film is a must too!

Well, if only ghosts would undergo drastic transformations and become cute, likeable characters. Even though that might take away most of the scary elements especially in haunted houses and spooky theme parks, having some things which could readily appeal with a refreshing twist isn't completely out of sync either. "Hey, look at meeeee..." says the little girl.

Anyway, just remember to exercise those limits when attempting pranks to scare your friends, family and strangers. The last thing anybody needs is a sudden heart attack, uncontrollable wailing or falling off somewhere. Happy Halloween!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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