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Figure Unboxing and Review: Nendoroid Kousaka Honoka Training Outfit Version (Good Smile Company)

Kousaka Honoka, the leader of the idol group that most are familiar with... how many of you actually like her? I do like her quite a bit and I have always found that she'll make a good Nendoroid with her wide expression range! Good Smile Company didn't put that to full use (only 2 face plates) but there has been a rather good choice as compared to her Stage outfit Nendoroid.

In this article, I'll be using a reflective pink base for two reasons. First, the reflective attribute helps to create a nice 'idol atmosphere' of the stage, and secondly, it aids in highlighting all the shadings on Honoka's expression to make her look more shocked than the expression alone!

If you've read my Japan Trip post, you'll know that I bought this unopened from Amiami's physical store in Akihabara for the price you see at the top right corner of the box. I find it quite a steal because she was increasing in price everywhere when I bought her. Perhaps with Aqours coming in, this Nendoroid line might become cheaper?

Her box plays well with her image color, orange and a lighter shade bordering on orange. It suits Honoka well and that cheery smiling face on the front of the box lights up anyone and everyone's day!
Just looking at her blister shows how little parts she comes with, but to trade-off, she's much cheaper than other Nendoroids. In comparison to the Stage outfit line, the training outfit line definitely is more worth the price with more accessories and more variety in expressions.

Posing and Assembly
Assembly poses no problem so we'll skim by it. Posing is still rather limited, but you can definitely choose much better poses than the Stage outfit. You can have a very cheerful and always energetic Homoka by your side or choose to have a more dramatic Honoka instead. If you're like me who likes having Nendoroids posed with food, Honoka can do that as well!

Perhaps you can even mix and match the different parts together~
Aw... Poor Honoka dropped her bread!
Sculpting and Painting
Honoka's hair is quite similar to her Nendoroid in her previous line, but the sculpt got much crisper. The scrunchie also has more volume and looks much more scrunchy-like than the one in her previous Nendoroid line.

The blue lines on her bread packet are clean and there are no paint spills onto the white on my copy. Her shoes has the same precise treatment for me too, and it's probably very difficult to have red, white and yellow all on that small surface.

The sculpting of her outfit is done very well too! The clothes have some kind of movement to it to suit more dynamic poses, yet at the same time stays tame enough for more mundane everyday poses as well! Furthermore, details like the white stripe that's on her right arm but not on her left are all maintained and shrunk well into Nendoroid size!

Though I do wish that they would have included more face plates, especially with more dramatic Honoka expressions, I do still appreciate all the effort placed into this. If you are a Honoka fan, make sure to get her!

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