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Kekkai Sensen

How's it going everyone! Nana here, bringing you another of her obsession, Kekkai Sensen! Frankly, this is pretty overdue, but I have been rather busy playing Touken Ranbu... More on that next time, today is all about the blood, the battle aaaaaand ZAPP RENFRO! Can you already tell who's my favourite character? Here, a virtual cookie for you if you guessed right~ ;-)

Manga cover
Back to KKSS, some of you might know it as Blood Blockade Battlefront. Personally, I find its Japanese title easier to remember since the English one has so many syllables.

Hellsalem's Lot, formerly New York City, has become a paranormal melting pot of monsters and magic, mixed with the mundane everyday life. Every form of human vermin gathers to exploit otherworldly assets for earthly profit and it is up to crime fighting organization Libra to clear the streets of trouble and prevent the horrors of this city from spreading to the outside world!

Our main character is the most mundane of them all, Leonardo Watch… or is he? Despite his young looks, he possesses the "All Seeing Eyes of God", given to him by a mysterious entity who also took away his sister's eyes. Despite his lack of physical prowess, he gets recruited by Libra thanks to his eyes which can foil the baddies' plans by seeing through their trickery, and playing some tricks of his own.

Meanwhile, Libra is made up by a mishmash of characters (that we know of so far). Their leader, the gentlemanly noble Klaus, the womanizing and hotblooded secretly-a-genius Zapp, the silent and sadistic invisible werewolf Chain, the shady second-in-command Steven, and much more. Personally, I find their characters don't really conform to typical secondary character stereotypes, and I like that very much!

Ah, the blood and the battle...
What exactly do I like about KKSS? Well, I really enjoy its unique setting. New York City turned into Hellsalem's Lot, monsters and humans coexisting, shadowy masterminds and flamboyant troublemakers… The list goes on and on.

Aligura - I find her voice adorable!

Zapp ^_^
Character design-wise, KKSS is pretty up there too. For example, Zapp has really unique character design! There are not many dark-skinned characters I know of. With his lanky build and white hair as well as chain smoking, he makes one helluva eye-catching character, and that's side by side Klaus with his underbite and huge sideburns!

"Kya kya Zapp is so cool~!"
Also, everyone has their own unique power! Zapp makes a blade with his blood, which he lights up with fire! AND as if that isn't cool enough, he has the same voice actor as the most anime-famous swordsman of all time, Zoro! With different styles, even blood manipulation becomes diverse, and that is not counting the plethora of other powers such as Leo's eyes.

Key anime visual
Between the manga and anime, the difference is quite obvious. While the premise is the same, the anime introduces White and Black as anime-only characters! Right now, the anime is at a cliffhanger, however. As for what happens to everyone, I've heard that the final episode will air in December... It's a long wait, so I'm hoping it's a long special with a satisfactory ending! If you're looking for new manga to read or anime to watch and haven't heard of Kekkai Sensen, well, what are you waiting for?! I highly recommend this title!

Written by Nana

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