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PSO2: The magic users: Techer and Force

It is the last article on the last two classes in PSO2. I did them last because both are magic users. And do not think of them in conventional terms. As you can see from the Cast version above, you do not even have to choose to look like a magic user either, thanks to the ton of customisation options available in PSO2. 

Techer starts the ball rolling with Talis. Think Gambit and his cards. Talis can be thrown to extend the range of your techs(magic) and also act as a long range weapon. The damage won't be high, being a magic user after all, but you can still gain some Photon Points in a pinch. Talis can also serve to focus Techs in a small area, to devastating effect.

These look like traditional fans. Sega never forgets the Oriental option. There is always new stuff for fans to try out.

Ever wanted to play an evil magic user? Sega included a full set of equipment for this, complete with an eyeball wand and a coffin. The eyeball actually shines with a red light when you cast techs.

Force is the more traditional magic caster, with only Rod as the weapon type. Both classes buff different elements, so you need to play both if you want to be an all rounded spell caster.

I somehow managed to have many copies of this rod. It can increase the speed of how fast you recover Photon Points. Looking nice is a bonus.

So this concludes the introduction of classes in PSO2. Next I will introduce fans to what classes the characters in the anime are, and what weapons they are using. 

Written by Don

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