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Catching Up - Favorites for the season, reliving childhood memories and living up to disappointment...

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Welcome back to another catching up post! I've been immersing myself in manga lately, catching up on what I've been missing out on and also encountering new ones along the way. Nisekoi has been wrapping up heroines as the chapters come by. Is it a sign of it ending soon? Gun X Clover finally with a chapter with Morito returning to how he was before. Or should he be call Yasen? Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan with also a chapter, where I cannot wait for somebody to get wreck. 

This is from the LN though .. Or is it the WN ..?

Chancing upon Ore ga Akume de, Aitsu wa Yome de and Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken resulted in a fun experience, although the latter has not ended yet.

(Warning! The next few pictures contains a massive spoiler for Charlotte episode 6. So if you have not watched it, scroll down the next three pictures.)

So my free time was totally spend on reading manga and I've only recently watch all the episodes that I miss over the weeks. Some were emotional, others adorable. Some establish camaraderie, while others are facing battles ahead. But the fear of them ending soon really leaves me disheartened. It just does not feel enough. Overlord really does feel short. I really wanted it to continue on as there are more battles ahead that I want to see. Himouto's antics are always enjoyable but at times it can get slightly annoying. (Please no OreImo) Rokka no Yuusha is enjoyable to watch as well as Gansta. Hmm ... what else do I like this season ..? Oh, the latest episode of Non Non Biyori Repeat was adorable. Renge is so kawaii ! (When I pictured myself saying that, I felt awfully disturbed.) Gakkou Gurashi was certainly pounding my kokoro. Same with Charlotte with that episode ... Yeah ...

In memory of Ayumi ... I really feel terrible searching for the pictures ...
Oh, my friend introduced me to this show call Monster Rancher. He said I probably missed it during my childhood as he said it was an awesome show. 

Well, yeah. The show was fun to watch, even though I currently only watched 10 episodes of it. It reminded me of Digimon as your monster companions follows you around. I should continue watching Pokemon soon. I miss out a lot. Wonder where Satoshi is now.

Recently, I've decided to watch some old shows during my childhood. I am starting off with Casshern Sins. 

I chanced upon this anime when I was still in primary school. It's one of the first handful of anime that exposed me to the community. It was really interesting for me as every episode I wonder what's going to happen to him and also about his past . I remember the ending being sad but my memories has been failing me lately. Am I getting too old for my age? It might seem to be so ...

Oh, this came out. Well it certainly live up to the expectations I set for it. Such a disappointment it was. The Shingeki no Kyojin Live Action that is. I read Faelan's review of it and I can't help but laugh. The movie was just amazing. (Sarcasm totally intended) I just don't know what to say. That Shikishima guy though. He reminds me of the word sleazebag. It quite fits him. The scenes with the 3D manoeuvre gear especially stood out for me. They need to learn about how to make those swinging sequences from Spiderman. They did it fantastically well. Though, I am quite looking forward to the next instalment of the movie. Probably because of the preview that was added at the end of the movie. No offence but, their trailer and preview look so much better than the movie.

I apologise if you guys actually like the movie. It was just overshadowed by others that I watch during the same period of time. For example, this Bollywood movie that was released last year call PK. 

It's about an alien who visited Earth in order to get to know it as well as those who inhabits it but gets his spaceship-caller-thingy stolen by some guy and has to find the guy who ran away with it as he cannot go home. It is a really good movie. Almost had me in tears with the last third of the movie. Just sad. I actually would like to see it turn to an anime. I really hope it would be as sad or better. But for some reason, a small part of me disagrees with it. I guess some things are just better as anime and others as movies or live actions.

Oh, and there's a trailer for Ore Monogatari Live Action that came out recently. 

Please do not be trash. It looks really good.

I also recently bought MH4U. After numerous internal struggles and nostalgic flashbacks, I broke under the pressure of my own subconscious. But it feels kind of weird to play it on the 3DS.

Now to enjoy some songs and maybe sneak in a few episodes from Lost Pause.

Mate ne ~

Written by Zwei


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