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A Weird Dream

Here is an account of a weird dream that I had a little while back. I found myself right in the middle of a rather beautiful park, complete with fresh greenery, comfortable benches and a lively water fountain. The time should be around mid-afternoon. I took a little stroll, half-wondering what would actually happen since this clearly wasn't reality. I decided to stop at the fountain. The water had a calming effect. The weather was warm but not scorching. So why on earth was I stranded there? Come to think of it, I didn't see a possible route out of the park. This had better not morph into some creepy limbo from a horror film. Well, not that I would mind either way. 

Then, my ears picked up what sounded like a couple sharing a romantic moment close by. Oh wait, there was a third person. Funnily though, they seemed unaware of my presence even as I inched closer towards the bench. There was this really burly guy, a little too built for a high school student. He was happily munching away on a pastry while his friends looked on. Seated next to him was a really petite girl, cute with long caramel tresses and brown eyes. The girl seemed contented enough just by watching the big guy eat. As for the third person, he was a little hard to read from that stoic expression. But he didn't seem bored to me, or the other two. In fact, that moment felt straight out of an anime.  

Believe it or not, while I was increasingly suspicious of this entirety being limbo in clever disguise, a part of me still held on that something interesting would happen. Well, it sure did. I was suddenly greeted by a woman with a partially bashed-up face. Strangely, she didn't seem the least bothered by all that bleeding. I couldn't quite grasp the situation, as my surroundings had quickly turned into this shockingly sinister, bloodthirsty town. A commotion not too far away revealed a pair of brutes who both gave me meaningful smirks as they gradually faded into the other side of the town. They seemed to understand that I wasn't a part of their civilisation.  

As I tried to figure out whether this dream would simply integrate into limbo, I was conveniently teleported to a beautiful countryside, where a cosy group of four girls was in the midst of their trek and having tremendous fun. There was this little girl who surprisingly had the most outburst of energy and cheer. She was holding this really long branch, seemingly ready to strike imaginary monsters and such. The joy on their faces was infectious, as the trees, shrubs and flowers responded gaily to their walk. The girls seemed oblivious to my presence though. Well, it would certainly be nice to have a little help with directions. How was it remotely possible to be lost inside a supposed dream?  

But then, I woke up. Snap, just like that. I still don't get what had happened, but interestingly the whole experience was nothing short of pleasant. It had actually felt nice. So here I am, with my account of a weird dream that I had.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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