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Assassination Classroom: The Movie

Hello guys!

Have you guys watched the Assassination Classroom's (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu) movie yet? If not, you definitely should! The last show was just last week, and honestly, I almost missed it. I'm pretty sure it is or will be available online soon though!

Like I mentioned, it has been released for quite a little bit, but I only had time to catch the second last showing, and honestly I thought I would miss it as well as the seats seem to be all booked already. Or that's what it looked like, because when I went in the entire middle section was completely empty. Tsk.

I've actually put my reading of Ansatsu on hold, but when I heard Yamada Ryosuke was starring in the movie, I had no choice but to catch the movie. Even if I had to go by myself (which I very sadly did).The movie follows closely to the manga, and it was quite a feat that they managed to fit quite a bit into roughly 2hours. The entire movie was also pretty well paced, considering that fact.

By now you should have guessed that my solo reason was only to see Yamada Ryosuke on big screen heheheh. But that aside, I've also heard quite a number of good reviews about Ansatsu, so win-win!

Before completing this post, I went ahead and watched the anime as well as completed the manga up till the latest chapter, just so I could tell you roughly how close the movie was to the series.

The movie only showed up to the part where Koro Sensei morphed into his ultimate defense form, and where they buried him in anti sensei bullets and cement. (I cried) They also cut out multiple parts, but kept the essential ones. For example, while they did show the students getting poisoned by Takaoka, it wasn't at the island, and the entire portion of meeting the 3 assassins was also omitted. Rather, the event took place at the school, and the poison was nullified by a self made antidote done with Koro Sensei's help instead of being not-actually-poisoned.

Also, I think there was an original character added in the movie, for reasons I cannot fathom because it was of no use/ meaning?? I mean, she didn't quite have an impact on the flow of the movie. Maybe for the second movie?

For a 2 hours movie, it really was pretty well done. There were quite a few changes, but ultimately the story is the same as the series. There were some reviews that mentioned that the flow was sometimes disrupted by sudden comedic entrances but I felt it was fine, considering Ansatsu is of a comedy genre. Plus, it doesn't quite feel like Ansatsu without the sudden comedic punctuation.

So, on to the actors. Well, actually it's more like I'm only going to be talking about Nagisa, Karma, Ritsu, Itona, and the senseis.

Nagisa was played by Yamada Ryosuke (aye aye), Karma by Masaki Suda, Ritsu as Kanna Hashimoto, and Itona by Seishirō Katō. Koro Sensei was voiced by Ninomiya Kazumari. 

( ˘ ³˘)
The acting was sublime, and while I was not used to Yamada acting such a meek role, it was refreshing to see how he brought out Nagisa's characteristics and qualities. The part where he first took down Takaoka with the knife really gave me goosebumps. The smile he had on his face was really gentle and there was no way in hell anyone would have their guard up. If I could, I would have wanted to watch that scene again in slow motion to enjoy the full beauty of it. Although, it was heartbreaking for me when he had to prostrate himself in front of Takaoka and was stepped on.

so qian bian, i liek
The acting for Karma was also majestic, this was the first time I have seen an expression on a manga character's face so well portrayed onto a real face. I don't know how he did it, but after watching the anime I can only feel even more awed at how well he was at being Karma. Of course their hair colors did not match, but the intensity of the eyes and the personality + characteristics were all there. Full marks!!

Ritsu and Itona were a bit of a disappointment for me, I felt they did not quite match up to the series. Well, I can't really say much for Ritsu, considering she is playing an android and there are limits to how cute she can possibly be, but for Itona, I felt he was wayyy too mild compared to the series. How do I put this.. I felt he was a little too unemotional? Compared to the series, there was less expressions and personality than I expected.

On to Koro Sensei. The CGI for Koro Sensei was so smooth and it in no way made me feel uncomfortable at all. It seriously felt like there was someone clad in a octopus outfit acting along instead of just voicing. The voice acting was really on point as well. I'm not sure if the laughter was artificial or done by Ninomiya, but it was so so so on point I wanted to laugh along. Also, the emotions put into the voice was amazing as well; I could really feel the love and care Koro Sensei had for the students.

I feel the need to mention that I did not research a little before going for the movie, because while Irina was quite on point, I thought she really looked a tad too young, and Karasuma made me want to cry because he was not what I envisioned at all. Really, the only thing I knew about the actors was the fact that Yamada was acting as Nagisa. The appearance of Karma's actor was a pleasant one though.

I ultimately recommend watching it, even though the plot is the same as the series. It's always nice to watch live-action that does not disappoint. Here are some photos that I managed to dig up that are of quality. I apologise for the lack of photos; they're so hard to find! And I can't just screencap for you guys.. ):

can someone please taper their pants tho

Written by: ninetylives

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