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You can also bowl at home by following these simple steps.

The target pins - a pair of two Giant 45cm Jumbo Snow Stitch, one standing and one siting. Actually they looked like those ostensibly cute Alien "eggs" if you had watched any of the Aliens movies. It's kinda scary yet thrilling to think that if you have a dozen of such stitches in your room, it'll look like the Aliens' nesting ground.

Well..bowling session begins,

Now ready your bowling ball. You need giant balls too to knock them out... Here I have prepare a huge bubble roll that should able to do the job. First you need to clean the ball nice and shinny because my floor is oily and for maximum "screw" effect. Also it makes you look "pro" ^_^

Next, lift the titanic ball up and aim at those targets, well...if you have the strength to do so without having your legs trembling...then that's excellent! You see, going to the gym pays off for days like this.

Finally, swing the balls back a little and release it. Do not THROW the ball like a bomb onto the floor because your neighbour below will sue you for disturbance. Also you don't wanna end up having the whole HDB building collapse like a pile of cards because of you. Then at the very last moment of the release, do a calculated "pull-up" to screw the ball so that it will curve like a beautiful banana-shaped path to its target pins. (Who likes to keep seeing you bowl in a boring straight line unless you look like Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston....) 

Lastly, maintain your balance and posture. Do not fall down because people are watching you. It is extremely embarrashing. Trust me, your friends will soothe you sincerely.. "its okay... its alright..I also fall down like you before" ( their minds, that's such an ugly fall..controlling very hard not to laugh)

but as soon as they reach home and office, they will tell their colleagues and girlfriends.. and they all LAUGH....hahahaha..
So you see, bowling at home is a simple sport if you just follow these simple steps..

Written by Max

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