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Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year, dear readers of Milkcananime. Here is to another promising year ahead, hopefully with more aspirations and dreams being materialised. Did anybody go to the countdown parties? I was surprised that someone whom I hadn't talked to for quite a long time had invited me to his place for dinner. A little group of us ended up watching the live telecast from Marina Bay on television. The fireworks were breathtakingly beautiful, but they became a little overdone towards the finale. Not that it mattered much as the closing credits started rolling after that, prompting the late night movie aptly titled New Year's Eve. I didn't finish the movie though, as time was crucial and I needed the transport before it completely ceased operations. Thank you, Night Rider.

An acquaintance had spent the remains of 2015 abroad; her whole family flew to Japan to experience a different form of countdown. Well, if I remember correctly they were already there before Christmas. Those snapshots of winter at its most chilling and beautiful sights became quite the envy of her friends back home. Considering that she had largely uploaded the pictures simultaneously, those feelings were much stronger in a sense. Anyway, a close friend had also been abroad to usher in the new year; she flew to United States of America with her husband and spent a very meaningful time across several states. Gosh, I wish that we had snow over here! I want to build a snowman outside my apartment and terrorise the neighbours. Just kidding.

My fellow writer Zwei had listed down quite a handful of anime titles that he wanted to watch. I completely understand that feeling, except that in my case it is the paperback mountain in my bedroom which I have absolutely no idea how to get around it. Occasionally, a new title would appear somewhere in the bookstore, and I find it extremely difficult to simply ignore that until I have finished up whatever that is left of the pile. In the first place, the mission is already impossible (no pun intended) since it is unlikely that I would wait for that long to get my hands onto something which could easily be gone in a matter of a few days. I used to experience that quite often, and my mood plunged effortlessly right to the bottom of the pit.  

I know myself too well that there are more new books out there waiting for my wallet. I'm not complaining though, for I do enjoy reading which had been cultivated in me when I was a kid. Readers might be aware of the recent titles which have happily made their way onto the paperback mountain. I should probably write down the unwrapped books that are lying around, several of which have been there for too long. I would like to apologise, but they wouldn't know. If they knew, I don't think that I would even touch them. Anyway, does anybody know Kin-iro Mosaic? Yeah, the one with Alice and Shinobu. Let's just say that I'm perpetually stuck on the third volume, and there are three more waiting in line.

I believe that Happy Cooking Graffiti (Koufuku Graffiti) also rings a bell. I don't understand why I couldn't just get the fourth tankoubon done and over with. Apparently, the fifth one had been out for a while and...never mind. My heart melts at the sight of food and cooking manga, but there are too many out there competing for my short-span attention. Jeez. Oh, there is still Wakako-zake. Gosh, the third book remains stuck at page 90-something. Should I go on? Pun absolutely intended. I just realised that it wouldn't even amount to any form of exaggeration if I were to roll the titles out like toilet paper. Not that it would prevent anything else in the first place.

Sorry, but I just couldn't resist it! This is toilet paper, everybody! I don't know what lies ahead in my new year, but at least for now I have a little grasp of what might come. Time really flies. To the readers who have been reading my articles, be it since Day One or in recent months, thank you for your time. I will be progressing towards my second year here in Milkcananime, and I hope to write more creatively and extensively to the best of my capacity. Most importantly, I want to thank our founder Max for all the various opportunities. I'm honoured and glad for everything here. With that, once again I wish all a Happy New Year! Cheers!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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