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March: Infection, An Anime-Style Commercial and Her name is Takako

Hello readers, apparently there is a public holiday this week which I'm so blissfully unaware of. Not bad, a long weekend for many people. Despite my immense dislike for crowds and such, staying home might not be a better option quite ironically. I really don't know how not to end up the fillings of an enormous human sandwich, but somehow I could still pull a secret side door and avoid the chaos if I got lucky. It really depends on the situation. With the human population increasingly blocking what is remaining of the ecosystem (or whatever that is supposed to be) over time, it wouldn't be too long before our lives mirror some post-apocalyptic dimension. Well, there isn't really a specific title which I'm thinking of. I haven't been following much on zombies and infections.

Then again, there is a new title on the shelves lately simply known as Infection. I was initially rather curious and tempted, but eventually I passed up the manga for something else more settling. Yeah, it is a little beyond comprehension as to why I would feel so repelled when I have read visually disturbing stuff over the years. I have to admit though, that it was the above image which had churned my stomach a little. There is something about stuff crawling out of faces that I can't quite handle. For the record, that is one of the least disturbing images lying around. If any reader has the disposition strong enough to sit through Infection, please go ahead without me but do let in on what the story is really about.  

Moving on. Some friends have been sharing this awesome commercial of a certain fastfood restaurant which was done in the style of anime, and the idea is to entice more Japanese youth to consider a potential career with the franchise. I must say that I was really impressed by the creativity and such. There was a comment I read that wished for a full anime all about the fastfood restaurant. Well, I sure wouldn't mind watching! I mean, that short clip itself had repeated on my computer for like seven times. If I were Japanese, honestly I would waste no time in applying for a position there. Oh, and the smile thingy is just too cute! You know what? I'm watching that commercial one more time.

Fans of Wakako-zake (like me!) will be pleased to read a brand new series by its manga artist titled Takako-san, or Her name is Takako in English. I stumbled upon this pretty much by accident one day, but I didn't buy the tankoubon right away. I had felt a little guilty for being unable to catch up on Wakako-zake (I still have the fourth and fifth book unwrapped!), and when I saw a sixth volume on another occasion I had also let it pass me by for a while. Anyway, eventually I didn't want to regret for not buying anything so glaringly important, hence the addition to the paperback mountain in my bedroom. The obi reads that hearing happiness is possible if you prick up your ears.

Perhaps I could try alternating between manga during the upcoming long weekend, and hopefully that would ease a little weight off whatever that is lying around. I love books. I really do. But there are just too many vying for my wavering attention span. Well, the balance is long lopsided, so the next best solution is to simply clear the easier ones in front for the rest to make their way down.

Read more manga. Watch more anime.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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