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My Forged Wedding : PARTY

There have been a surge of otome games for the past few years. I am one of their fans for their every new launching games, be it Voltage or Koyonplete. Most of the otome games are similar where they target the female audience to play as a heroin and she has to choose a male character to continue the storyline. All the male characters in the game are handsome and they make the girl's heart throbs by going along with the plots.

There are a few series of the same title on the IOS Store but the latest one is My Forged Wedding Party. I used to play most Otome games but after one free chapter you will need to pay to unlock the story which I am reluctant to do so. This edition allows the player to read about 5 short stories per day where it generates 5 Love Passes at 4am UTC time (+4 hours and reverse the AM/PM).

The story began begins when you need to meet up with your fiancé in Kunian Bar with your parents. However, you receive a letter from him to cancel off the engagement on the same day. You become very depressed and has nowhere to go but your uncle Kunian (one of the eligible bachelor) offered you a job where you need to be a fake bride for one of the guys in the bar to help them with their individual issue. This is where you need to choose one male character as your potential suitor.

Each character has a different characteristic and career. As a heroin in this game, you may go through each character's profile before you decide who you want to help. When you have made your decision, you will be staying in the chosen's house. This title allows you to purchase clothes and items to raise your status in order to forward to unlock their story.
You will be given an avatar in the beginning and you will need to dress her to complete the story mission. Images that are posted in this post belongs to my game-play and I am in Episode 7 at the moment. There are few activities in the game such as Cooking Battle, Request Wife Mate, Dress up Avatar and House Decoration which I will discuss further in this post.

Cooking Battle
Cooking Battle is used when you want to increase your Wife point, Mari (Currency) and Gacha Point to progress in the storyline. The stamina is increased every 2.5 hours to generate 50 points. One battle takes about 50 points so in total you will only get to play 2 times every 5 hours. Wife Mates are girls who play the game and you will need their helps to boost up the earning in Cooking Battle.This game requires a stable internet connection to play.
Gachapon is popular in Japan and there is no doubt that most otome games have this function to increase their sales. Popular items are very expensive and they can boost your status tremendously. There are fashion gacha and interior gacha on of different themes and styles which you can choose to suit your fashion sense.
Some of the items which you can purchased through Mari and the colourful furnitures which I owned through Gacha.

House Decoration
Interior items which you have purchased through Gacha will be placed inside this house. You can arrange the items accordingly to your preference but in a limited area. When you progress through the story, you will get present (fashion, interior item, Mari, Gacha and etc) from other male character every time you login to the game. This is a very refreshing idea that attracts player to return to the game to obtain these presents.

In conclusion, such games are doing better in term of retaining player and their new strategy does not force us to purchase the story with real money. Female who has such fetish into good looking guys are welcome to give this game a try.
Written by SnoringSeal

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