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Animal Crossing : Happy Home Designer

Since the last series of Animal Crossing New Left in 3DS, I crave for similar stimulation which allows me to take control of my life in virtual reality. For players who are familiar with this game, the company is going to launch a new title;Happy Home Designer. This game is not what we have learned for the past few years. It has launched in Japan and will be released in North America on 25 September 2015 and Europe on 2 October 2015. 

From what I have seen through their official website and forums, players might need the Amiibo reader which sells separately to scan Amiibo cards to invite special character into the game (Reader is needed for those older generation 3DS). I believe this is one of the tactics to earn more money from us.  Besides the reader, you will need to purchase the character card individually in random blind card of 6.One special character card is guaranteed in each pack. There are 100 cards in total with 17 special character and 83 regular characters. I will definitely want Isabelle to stay in the town.
Amiibo Cards
Amiibo Reader
It is true when we are given a chance to customise a character; we spend countless of hours to make a perfect one to represent us in the virtual world. With this series, players are allowed to customise the character such as the facial features, hairstyle and colours. This is definitely one of the bonus that players want in such game. Before this, a random character is given based on the player’s reply that he or she makes on early dialogue session with a NPC character in a train.  

Rover basically the first contact in the game in previous series of Animal Crossing
After you have finalised the character, you will be brought to an office where you will start your own journey into Happy Home Designer! In this game, you are actually an agent or designer where you will help the clueless villagers to setup their house with the appropriate furniture and decoration. This is a dream come true for people like me who like to do this kind of interior planning. Their housing feature in previous series is one of the main selling point; player collects furniture, make their house bigger while acting as a mayor to make the town flourished. I have been playing Animal Crossing New Left for many hours but it is still a hassle to earn money to pump into the town. 

Your colleagues
Yay! I got a new uniform!
Town View
Player will drive to an empty house to assist the villager with their interior layout (Driving animation only). Instead of buying and collecting furniture, now you will have a list of item in your setting. Drag out items on to the ground accordingly to the villager's requirement. She might want a room with pink colour or a book theme bedroom. There will be more control over the arrangement of the items. I was amazed when the character can open the window. Besides that, character can walk in between two pieces of furniture such as a table and chair. This is a huge game changer! (I believe players who have been playing Animal Crossing will have the same reaction as me). Once the house is done, there will be a zoom in and rotation video playback to showcase your layout.   

It should be fun anentertaining but by watching those videos game play, it makes me worry at the same time. Firstly, there is no real time clock in Happy Home Designer. You will be arranging the house's furniture and then you will go back to the office; The only indication is when the clear sky turns into night and the sun rises. This cycle will repeat itself until certain shops in the town are unlocked. Do look forward to more quests. 

Anyway, I am still excited for this game to launch in Singapore! Waiting. 

How about you? 

Written by SnoringSeal

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