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5 Coolest Themed Restaurants In Japan

I'm a sucker for themed restaurants. They are so much fun because they're a multi-sensory experience with tons of areas to experiment with: food, interior, music, service, performances, etc. And you can bet Japan is a hotspot for such restaurants. Here are five of my top picks:

Ninja Asaka

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Wouldn't this just be the most awesome place to work at? Ninja Asaka is the kind of stuff that otakus' dreams are made of. Made to look like a Japanese castle from the olden times, stepping into the restaurant will transport you back in time to an ancient era. 

You'll be ushered to your private room via a dark maze and served by ninjas, and even be treated to a magic show during the meal. That being said, food is rather pricey and has received polarised reviews – some say it's the best they've tasted during their trip, while others call it a disgrace to Japanese cuisine. But whatever it is, you're paying for the atmosphere which, judging from the pictures, seems top-notch to me.

The Lock Up

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Craving something spooky? Descend into the surrealistic world of The Lock Up and live the life of an inmate doing his time (at least, for the duration of one meal). Yep, you'll even get handcuffed by a warden and taken to a caged jail room. 

The menu is pretty entertaining and highly Halloween appropriate with drinks like Medusa's Eyeball, and dishes like skeleton-shaped hamburg. Sit tight for the random "prisoner outbreaks", during which the place goes dark with smoke, strobe lights flash and monsters rampage and rattle on the gates. 

Alcatraz E.R.  

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But maybe The Lock Up isn't gross enough for you. It did look kind of PG 13, didn't it? If so, you definitely won't be disappointed with Alcatraz E.R. which is modeled after a prison hospital. They really take the 'disgust' factor up a notch here. The food is truly gag-inducing, with offerings like blue curry in urine tins, beef salad shaped into a brain and a 'sperm juice' drink, complete with p**** banana. Yum. 

The best part of the whole experience? There'll be shows whereby the staff will drag a diner off for "experimenting", and yes, it is just as horrifying as it sounds. 

Bunbougu Cafe 

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Though not quite as flashy as the other entries, this quaint little cafe deserves a mention for its adorable interior and ingenious theme. Centered on stationery, the cafe is filled to the brim with writing and doodling products for sale, as well as books and magazines on the subject. Diners can use the stationery for free too and even become members! Which, by the way, costs a one-time fee of ¥ 700, and you'll be entitled to a key to access drawers with even MORE stationery and notebooks. 

I can see a place like this becoming wildly popular in Singapore as many of us love artsy decor and studying in cafes. Plus, it's super kid-friendly so it'll make for a fun family outing.

Robot Restaurant

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Arguably the most famous themed restaurant on this list (and possibly the whole of Japan), the Robot Restaurant is not exactly a "restaurant" per se – they only offer bento boxes (¥ 1,000 each) and some drinks, which are purchased separately. 

But would you really want to eat when you come here anyway? The performance is like a modern burlesque show on 1000 tabs of acid: it's crazy theatrical with flashing lights and scantily clad cabaret-style girls, topped up with robots, lasers and even... a kung fu panda?! Just imagine watching this drunk. It'll probably be the best experience of your life.

Written by Faelan

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2 comments to ''5 Coolest Themed Restaurants In Japan"

  1. This is awesome! I wish i visited these places when i was i japan

  2. This is awesome! I wish i visited these places when i was i japan