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The Haze, Wakako-zake and Oolong Cha

Hello readers. Did all of you survive the weekend? If you are easily prone to back, shoulder, arm, leg, [insert other body part] pain, I just want you to know that I have a couple of those things too. Okay, so I could no longer pretend that I was seventeen and at the peak of my non-stop, energetic self. But strangely, I didn't seem to mind the physical setback this time. Well, just hold on to your horses for a while. The long weekend is over, and mankind needs to re-embrace reality. I think that tea, especially iced tea, should be wonderful for soothing those problems. But if you are already of drinkable age, meaning 18 years old and above, you may wish to consider Wakako's approach. I tried not-so-chilled pear cider in-between heartful bites of Szechuan style cold side dishes takeaway.

Anyway, I was wondering a little about the present haze condition, and thought that if this were in an anime, wearing masks would probably make any human look a lot more sinister, way more than the thick, eerie mist. I know just what some people would be thinking, but nope, it has got very little to do with Tokyo Ghoul. Speaking of which, yeah I have seen some people wearing different variations of those masks. It was probably more of a trend since the haze hadn't hit us then when I saw those people. Oh, the limited edition of Itou Junji's The Melting Classroom came with an awesome, freaky mask which took after the creepy little sister's insane attempt to attract the boy who she fell in love with. Honestly, I had kicked myself a bit for missing out on that.

The worsening haze has turned quite a few iconic places into Silent Hill, for the lack of an updated description which could possibly upstage anything else as effortlessly. Apparently, some faraway buildings could easily be seen from a considerable distance, according to my Japanese teacher who said that a little of the Marina Bay Sands was actually visible from one of the windows of the reception area in our language school. For starters, she has excellent vision, and that is still quite an understatement. The extent of her field of vision is frequently the awe of the class. Anyway, my pathetic knowledge of Silent Hill is pretty much from the first film. I kind of fancy the Nurses. The part where they slit one another's throats is easily my favourite. Okay, that was like their only scene quite unfortunately.

Back on a much lighter note, yeah I'm much addicted to Wakako-zake in particular the manga series. How I wish that I were in some izakaya on some busy street in Japan, biting into one of those featured dishes and sipping alcohol! The contents are laid out in the style of a traditional Japanese menu as frequently seen in many eateries. I do recognise quite a number of dishes in the first tankoubon! I couldn't even attempt to imitate anything similar unless I hit an izakaya or something. That is, if we were talking about authentic Japanese gastronomy. Hmm, I love a nice, wobbly chawanmushi infused with gingko nut, shiitake mushroom (I hardly eat it but still), narutomaki (a Japanese fishcake) and dashi! It may be simple, but the ultimate satisfaction is guaranteed.

Well, do take care of your health during this unpredictable period of time! Drink lots of fluid, wear a mask if you are allergic to bad air, just resume your daily activities with more caution! I have a newfound favourite - Oolong cha. Oishii!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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