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I was once trapped inside a horrible nightmare which had a terrifying monster in crazy pursuit of me, for unknown reasons. In that dream, I was running for my dear life in the middle of a surprisingly vast city. Strangely, there wasn't anybody else around. There was no moving traffic. The monster carried on chasing as if I would soon become its dinner. The awful damage that was triggered by all that aimless pounding felt like the end of everything. Yet, I had continued to run for my dear life. Funnily, I thought that I could compete in the Olympics or something. I didn't know where I was at. I simply ran. Suddenly, the gigantic monster hollered a deafening cry, and my eyes met with a lethal breath of fire which seemed to be inching closer to me. I had no idea what happened after.

When confided in an acquaintance of mine, he mentioned that he had a similar experience which also involved an endless pursuit by monsters. Monsters, he said. I was intrigued and probed further. It turned out that my acquaintance had found himself inside what looked like a school building. He was in an empty classroom, and it was in quite a messy state. Tables and chairs were strewn everywhere. The chalkboard had toppled onto the floor. All the windows were broken, but fortunately my acquaintance wasn't injured. As he was about to investigate, a massive punch penetrated across one of the pillars of the other wing, resulting in a complete collapse of the entire structure. That was when he saw one of those things.  

Hakaijuu, my acquaintance said. It wasn't just one but many others that plagued the entire city, and eventually everywhere imaginable. Those monsters simply increased in numbers and size, and the state of destruction was devastating. Dead bodies quickly multiplied, and the surviving bunch had to battle against wavering sanity, secret government bodies, personal demons and such in the midst of all the monster attacks. My acquaintance had several narrow escapes in the process. It felt surreal, yet everything was real. Those monsters soon became unbelievably ridiculous, and civilisation declined beyond hope. Strange borders had also started appearing throughout the country. My acquaintance simply kept running for his dear life.

When I asked why his nightmare had been so long, he added that it was actually divided like a series. That meant a continuity from where he had last woken up from the dream. I became somewhat disturbed. I asked if he was still having those nightmares. Without hesitation, he nodded. What he said next made my jaw drop. Our conversation itself was also a dream. With that, I realised that I was in another dimension. The whole episode had finally shed a new light. I was indeed part of that nightmare. Hakaijuu. Yeah, I knew those scary things. I should have been more conscious about my surroundings. I had been running for my dear life without thinking.

But every dream would have to end. The problem would be how to end it. Should waking up no longer be an option, what would be my alternative route? My acquaintance was still running when I discovered the twist. I could have been there as well. Those monsters were terrifying, yet there was an unexplainable, haunting charm to them. Nobody could resist taking another look from where they were. If anybody found those creatures familiar, then you must had been running as well.

Hakaijuu. The nightmare of mankind.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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