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Figure Unboxing and Review: Nendoroid More, Wedding Set (Part III: Ball Gown)!

Information about the packaging was reviewed in the past 2 posts (here and here) so I will not be reviewing on the packaging again. To reiterate some points, the packaging was spot-on and cute and a delight to have, however, not pretty enough to leave on display, in my opinion. There was adequate cushioning from bubble wrap and plastic, hence there was no damage or paint transfer when the items arrived on my end.

Posing and Assembly
Similar to the rest, the arms can change angles to make slightly different poses but there is not much posing available in this aspect.

On the other hand, assembly is easy as it simply includes putting the upper and bottom parts of the figure together. This doesn't have a base, making it easy to fit together.

Sculpting and Painting
Let's start with the red ball gown. The image above illustrates the parts that she comes with. The upper torso, the bottom skirt part, a garter-belt pelvis part, and a tiara. This is very similar to the wedding gown part, which comes with 4 parts as well (upper torso, skirt, bouquet and flower crown). 
Here we will look at the figure from the front. The red and black color scheme makes it look extremely seductive, perhaps something that a vampire or a rich sadistic elite would put on. The bright red makes the figure pop among the rest as it is very eye-catching.
We see two different shades of red being used here. First, it is the bright red on the majority of the dress as well as the choker. In addition, there is a darker maroon color that makes the ribbon as well as the waistband.

Now, let's look at the sculpt. I love how puffy the sleeves look. This makes it look similar to how ballgowns look, but there is a lack of connectivity of the sleeves to the main part of the dress, making it look as if the dress and the sleeves are 2 completely different pieces.

The chest that fills out the ballgown works well for larger-chested characters, but pettanko characters end up being excluded from this Nendoroid more set.
Even from the back, this looks equally (if not more) amazing. The shoulder blades are very detailed, to a point that I wouldn't exactly expect it on a Nendoroid figure. The skirt part is poofy as well and the creases at the waist makes it look very soft. The ruffles at the hem at equal in size and are raised from the lower layers, making it look like three completely different layers. This detail makes it aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The black gloves are creased at the elbow region and this makes it look realistic and pretty.
Recently, I love matching Nendoroids that don't match the outfit to the outfit itself. An adequate example is Onodera Kosaki to this provocative outfit. Her embarrassed and crying expression suits the mismatch well.

Back to the figure, we can now clearly see the final layer of this figure, the black underskirt. I think you can see that it is a little translucent. This makes it look even more pretty and elegant, as well as special and even slightly supernatural!

Another point to note is that the tiara might not fit on all Nendoroid head well. If you look at Onodera's tiara, the sides hover above her head rather unnaturally. Also, due to the plastic piece that is sandwiched between her front and back hair parts, the tiara cannot be tilted backwards to sit more comfortably on the crown of her head.

Now, let's take a look at the blue ball gown instead~
The blue ball gown also has 4 parts as well, however the color scheme is blue and white instead of read and black. While interchanging the body parts of these two may not match very well (this shade of blue with red doesn't look good), you may want to try swapping the silver tiara here with the gold one in the other set.

Personally I prefer the silver with this blue set due to the paler and softer colors, and the gold with the red one to make it look more elite and sadistic.
The skirt is a little off-center in this picture but let's continue with the review while ignoring that. From the color scheme here, it is easy to tell why this ball gown is the least liked of this set. It basically has one base color, blue, and a lighter shade of blue which isn't very different from the base blue. This makes it look very monotonous and takes away the depth and popping of colors which come from complement colors. If you put this with the red and black gown, it's simple to see why this blue gown loses points in terms of colors.
 The sculpt is the exact same replica of the other ball gown so I shan't repeat everything I have already mentioned. Instead, let's move on to putting Chitoge in the gown! 
This looks better than imagined, thanks to the blue complementing Chitoge's eyes and her blond hair popping in terms of colors against the blue components here. It is not difficult to know why characters with blond hair and blue eyes look so pretty~

From the image above, you can also see that her inner skirt layer is a translucent white, instead of black like in the red ballgown. Do note that the white here is a lot less translucent than the black one.

The tiara here makes it up by matching the inner skirt (white) to itself (silver) which seems to tie the colors up perfectly. From here you can also see that the tiara part fits the shape of Chitoge's hair better than that of Onodera's. This might be a point to note if you get these Nendoroid more!

~ Reina-rin

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