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The event I forgot: Sapporo Snow Festival

As the title suggests I was too overwhelmed with work and I had really forgotten about it, even though I had already prepared the pictures a long time back. A thousand apologies.Here's something to cheer you up.

Hokkaido is the mostly all year winter part of Japan nearest to Russia. Temperatures can dip as low as an extremities freezing -12 degrees! And yet tourism is at almost 50 million a year, with foreigners at about 7 million. 

One reason is food, food, food. Hokkaido has almost everything dairy products, to fresh seafood, pastries, and even ice cream, and all of it will never cost as much as mainland Japan. The festivals help too. And for the otakus, the main attraction is probably the yearly Sapporo Yuki Matsuri in one February week.

Featuring fantastic ice and snow sculptures, the icy weather helps to preserve them for any visitor till the end of the Matsuri week. From chisels to chainsaws, the variety of exhibits on display is breathtaking. This detailed building, for example, is almost as tall as the real building beside it!

But this year, they really went all out on the Titans Sculpture. Look the gigantic scale of the thing!. The crane looks almost toylike. There's even scaffolding involved!


Not surprisingly the revived Dragonball made an appearance. As did Hatsune Miku.

People are already making fun shots with editing software. So brave the winter, people, for a fun trip to the coldest place in Japan. Because there are many places to go. The Sapporo Snow festival is just one of the many winter events. For example, extra content: Fireworks at Lake Akan.

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