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Unboxing BOCO ONE PIECE Franky Bottle Cap Opener

I always admire the work ethics of the Japanese. They create things to solve problems. That is why they have one of the best innovative workforce in the world. Just a few days back while doing my anime window shopping, this colourful box of One Piece Bottle Cap Opener by BOCO caught my eyes. There are 5 different characters inside the box so I thought I will write a short review on this.

Instruction can be seen at the back of the box. There are 5 One Piece characters ~ Zoro, Jinbei, Rayleigh, Nami and Franky (from left to right)
Love the beautiful illustration!

I was hoping to get Nami (She looks hot in her bikini!) but being a blind box, I got Franky instead. Not too bad.

Back view. It has a handy keychain. You might not see this but the keychain is mildly stuck on a small round magnet. Which means I can attach this thing onto my fridge.

The surface is made of clay-like materials. The colouring and workmanship is immaculate!

See the small round magnet?

Time to test the bottle opener. Putting it over a bottle of mineral water.

 It sits nicely with no room to spare.

 I made a few turn to loosen the cap. It works!

I tried with another cap from Evian bottle.However, the cap is a little larger. Thus, this will not work for some caps which are larger than 31mm.

I took a measurement of the cap that works. So, caps that are 29mm in diameter has no problem. I think most mineral water is about this size so it should not pose any problem.

The surface is not entirely flat. Excellent craftsmanship.

After this, I will try my luck to see if I can get Nami. Impress your girlfriend when you see her trying so hard to open a new bottle of mineral water. Get Franky (or others) to the rescue!

Written by Max

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