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「Ani-summary」Introduction to Mahou Shoujo Site - Episode 2

Aya got a magical stick in Episode 1 which comes in the form of a gun with a heart-shaped barrel and comes with the skill of 'instant teleportation'. After she unintentionally teleported her bullies to their death on the railway track, she was approached by Yatsumura Tsuyuno, a fellow Mahou Shoujo.
This episode begins with Yatsumura stopping time and bringing Aya out of school grounds. There, she reveals the details of her powershe can stop time, and the names of those individuals recorded in her phone (her stick) will be able to move along with her.
She then identifies Aya's Mahou Shoujo power as instant teleportation and reveals that she witnessed the entire railway accident event yesterday.
Aya sinks into guilt and confesses that she didn't mean to kill them. To that, Yatsumura states her personal stand clearlythat she has no qualms with killing anyone that poses a threat to her. She believes that is her right, for having lived with and through misfortune all this while. This leaves Aya wondering what happened to Yatsumura before she became a Mahou Shoujo.

She then releases her power, allowing time to move forward again. The bully (Sarina) who had her neck sliced open by Yatsumura then started bleeding due to the wound and was hospitalized. Yatsumura affirmed that she hasn't killed her, which appeases Aya.

The repeated deaths and injuries of the bullies sparked classmates into discussing the possibility of a "curse" being at work. This leaves the last unharmed bully sinking into depression and shock as she worries that she will be the next target.

But that's not all. Yatsumura then asked Aya for a meeting at her house, which they did even though Aya appeared very troubled and unwilling to consent. 
At her house, Aya's abusive brother (Kaname) helped to serve them refreshments, putting on a front to display their hospitality. Yatsumura replied amicably and waited until Kaname left before revealing  to Aya that she saw through his facade. Aya sighs in relief, glad that another person was on her side as well.

Following that, the atmosphere in the room got much darker as Yatsumura started claiming that they could never be caught and jailed for their crimes as "magic" does not exist to the general population.
Using that as a starting point, Yatsumura then delved into the mysteries of the Mahou Shoujo Site and their powers based on what she discovered through her own experiences. The most basic "rule" of the site that they were tied to was that they were unable to use their powers endlessly or it could lead to an early death.

 Aya was alarmed but quickly recovered as she had never believed that such a convenient ability would come with no repercussions. Then, Yatsumura proposed a partnership where they look out for each other as their powers mesh well together.
 The reason for their partnership was due to an individual dubbed "Magical Hunter" who was one of the many Mahou Shoujo in the world. She suspects that the Magical Hunter was also a Mahou Shoujo who was behind the deaths of many other Mahou Shoujo. As nothing else but the sticks of the murdered Mahou Shoujo were taken from the site, Yatsumura postulates that the Magical Hunter was amassing powerful sticks and thus would definitely target herself and Aya.

 In fact, Yatsumura had once partnered with an information broker, Shioi Rina, to find out more information about the Magical Hunter.

They even managed to get a photograph of the Magical Hunter before Rina went missing. This halted the investigations. Yatsumura then showed the picture of a bloodied crazed individual to Aya. This makes Aya uncertain as she is afraid of being attacked when her guard is down.

Yatsumura then offers to stay the night to protect Aya and spends the night awake. On the other hand, Kaname has to hold back on his abusive urges for the night, leading him to accumulate high levels of pent-up stress.

Other forces are also moving at night. We are treated to an image of an individual choosing Aya as their next target in their handy little "murder book".

On Aya's way home from school the next day, she was approached by a pink-haired girl asking for a little of her time.

And as expected, she is the Magical Hunter. However as her facial features were very different from the photograph Shioi sent, neither Aya or Yatsumura (who was following Aya) were able to identify her before she used one of her sticks.
First she placed a barrier around Aya and herself, which cancels out all magic from outside affecting those inside. This allows the space in the box to be void of Yatsumura's time stopping ability. The box is also able to cancel out all physical attacks so damaging the box to break it or enter the space is impossible.

Yatsumura quickly connects the dots that this person is the Magical Hunter although she looks very different from the photograph. The girl acknowledges that she is the Hunter but clearly indicates her displeasure for the nickname.

Living up to her frivolous appearance, she then mentions how she was able to change her appearance from that in the photograph. Having small talk like this in the middle of a battle also illustrates the confidence level she has in her skills and sticks.

 She lands the first hit, giving an electric shock to Aya which renders her unable to move.

By some stroke of luck, she also manages to evade the next attack, which is a "hammer" that is capable of cracking the asphalt. She ends up being near Yatsumura who gives her essential advice.

However Aya refuses to comply initially. Being unable to understand her power fully made her think that her power brings death. However as Yatsumura has stopped time outside of the box, she is certain an accident like the bullies will not happen and told Aya to trust her.

Aya understands the underlying meaning and quickly pulls the stick out of her school bag and fires it. This instantly teleports the girl and the box to another space.

 The next step was to locate the girl and extract information from her. Here, they finally realised that Aya could control where she teleports her enemies to. 

 As Aya was thinking of the cat that she took care of, the girl was sent to where the cat was.

Glad that they were able to find her and know that Aya can now control her powers, they tied the pink-haired girl up on a park bench and proceeded to interrogate her after releasing Yatsumura's power.

Yatsumura identifies her as Shioi Rina despite their difference in appearance, as only her and Shioi would know of the name "Magical Hunter". She then tries to get Shioi to confess the reason why she stole those sticks and even went on to display...

 ...physical violence, as well as...
 ...rather interesting threats to get Shioi to speak.
 The threat turned out successful as Shioi then quickly confesses that she was collecting better and stronger sticks in order to survive the Tempest.

 The information was given to her by the site admin when she entered the "back door" of the site.

 This was done by pressing the ear of the site admin.
 Which brings them to a screen which displays a countdown to the Tempest, right down to the very second.
Although no more information was revealed in such flashbacks, Shioi stated that the Tempest will destroy the world and she had to get better sticks in order to survive.
However before they could extract more information regarding the Tempest from her, Shioi coughs up blood and falls unconscious.
 The episode then ends with a blue-haired girl with pigtails chanting about her desire to kill.

Let's find out together in the next episode whether Shioi was really the Magical Hunter, or could this blue-haired girl be the real Magical Hunter?

~ Reina-rin

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