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Love Live! SIF will be available in Arcades from December 6

As news have it, Love Live is getting an arcade version for its smartphone app and it will be officially launched in Japan on December 6. Spend your Christmas together with your best Love Live girl, anyone?
Being an arcade app linked to the smartphone game, you can expect to see the links between the two and that is visible from how you will be able to view your smartphone app's player rank and profile in the arcade version and vice versa. 

Moreover, you can earn codes for the smartphone game through clearing rounds in the arcade game. Likewise, the smartphone app can give tickets for playing a round of the arcade version for free. 
You can also get PR (promotional) cards if you play the arcade version enough times, from January. 
Rewards from the arcade version includes rare login bonuses previously in the smartphone app, with the target being the free login URs.
The arcade game would be featuring songs from the smartphone game, and there are polls on which songs to include.
One can also print out cards from the smartphone game.
This is the point that excites me the most!

Namely, a win-win situation... if you live in Japan.

So... what do you gain if you are a player living overseas?

From November 16 to December 15 on the Japanese version, players will get a Smile login bonus UR of Yazawa Nico. For this UR, you will only need to login for 5 days, which is a little strange when compared to the traditional 7 days login URs. I wonder what the other 4 days would give as login rewards... that's something to look forward to!
Furthermore, there will be full CG dances for the arcade version and will be implemented soon for the smartphone version as well. (Sorry but... deresute, anyone?) I only wish they would buck up for their CG standards before releasing them in-game.

Don't forget that Watanabe You also has a login UR scheduled and will be released sometime in the future! The theme is on "Snowboarding".
2017 might be a year of surprises with Klab and Love Live.

~ Reina-rin
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