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Bungou Stray Dogs

Hello readers, has anybody noticed a tiger wandering about in their neighbourhood? There is a heated rumour claiming the appearance of a huge, white-coloured tiger in the middle of the night, terrorising and causing hurt to people. The local authorities are unable to properly investigate the case, yet over time the number of casualties has increased, heightening the tension among the people. I haven't witnessed the tiger personally, though the idea of meeting one could well be the highlight of my stagnated life. Oh, a variation of that rumour says that the tiger ambushes on a bright, full moon. The swift shadow charges relentlessly at its victims.

Meanwhile, a mysterious heap of books has found residence atop some prominent spaces in a bookstore. The said books contain the works of great authors who are recognised and celebrated in Japanese literature. There is Dazai Osamu, who wrote Ningen Shikkaku. Quite unfortunately, that is all which I know of him. I don't read the classics, and the only reason why I'm aware of a literary figure of such an influential status is much due to his notorious suicides. In the alternate universe, Dazai Osamu has been labelled a suicide maniac by Kunikida Doppo, another celebrated author. Apparently, he would refer to a suicide manual every now and then.  

There is a third author named Nakajima Atsushi, who becomes implicated in the white tiger situation. After rescuing a pair of legs - specifically, Dazai Osamu's - Atsushi wobbles in immense hunger, and Dazai Osamu ropes in Kunikida Doppo to give a dinner treat as his own wallet had disappeared into the river. The backstory of Atsushi shifts the scene to his abandonment by the orphanage where he grew up in. Without any monetary possession, Atsushi had starved for several days. He was on the verge of attempting robbery when the timely (?) sight of said pair of legs drove him to the fateful rescue.  

Anyway, over an unbelievably hearty dinner of ochazuke (at least for Atsushi), Osamu and Doppo explain their real identities and how they have been assigned to take care of strange occurrences in town, including the much dreaded white tiger which an increasingly terrified Atsushi is glaringly aware of, yet reluctant to dwell into. Doppo seizes the opportunity to manipulate him into acceptance. That night, Atsushi and Osamu await the white tiger at an isolated location. Atsushi becomes very fearful, while Osamu retains his composure. Osamu explains that there is no need to be frightened of anything, because they are there to help.  

The reason for that is none other than the hidden power which Atsushi is oblivious of. Osamu quickly counters the morphed beast with his aptly coined power Ningen Shikkaku. That reference just tickles, come to think of it. Atsushi regains consciousness and joins Osamu and his team of supernatural detectives. Besides Doppo, there is Edogawa Ranpo, Yosano Akiko and Miyazawa Kenji (for now). Naturally, Atsushi is beyond just baffled. Who isn't? The fusion of old and new, tradition and innovation does much, much more than intriguing one's mind.

This is Bungou Stray Dogs.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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