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Nanoblocks Tutorial 03 - Shiba The Dog

Shiba from Boyu is a cute little dog with a combination of yellow, white and black colours. There are over 75 pieces. Having built from a number of different brands, my preference apart from Kawada is Boyu. It clicks easily and has little or no gaps in between blocks. The build quality is among one of the best. Now, let's get down to the tutorial.

Unfortunately, that was the last box available. It was mildly crushed. But the real gem is inside...

Microblocks in its original wrapper and the instruction sheet.

Step one begins. Do note the middle part has a "Eight" followed by a "Three"(L) and "Four"(R)

Step two usually "seals" the base, making it sturdy for the rest to fall into place. That's when the quality comes in. There are other brands which is difficult to seal which can cause frustration. Like a writer's block, it makes one feel like giving up right from the start when blocks fly all over the place. Boyu has done a good job in terms of quality. It is easy to stack and there is a comfortable smooth feedback from it. 

Moving on to picture 2, always follow the bottom part (where my finger is pointing). Complete that part first and follow the top one. Ignore the colours at the bottom which are completed.

The white pieces shown on top are actually not joined together, so you can stack separately, with the right side first.

 Shiba's nose and eyes are evident here.

 Flipping over, I am adding the legs.

In just less than half an hour, I have completed building Shiba and there are plenty of spares.

Shiba climbing on top of Mirai Suenaga's car. It's that tiny, I can even put it inside my pocket.

With such an adorable face, who doesn't like Shiba?
I will be building a few other nanoblocks from the Animal series. I hope you too will pick up a new hobby like mine.


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