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Happy Birthday Sonic!

It is the 25th anniversary of that famous mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog. Sega's blue spinning Hedgehog is still a favourite amongst nostalgic gamers. And everyone is celebrating his birthday in a huge way. 

We shall start with Sega's Official Sonic Twitter Account. They are producing anniversary T-shirts and coins! And you can join their lucky draw now to get signed versions! 

You can also head down to Huistenbosch in Nagasaki for their special Puyo Puyo/Sonic event and buy exclusive goods. Enjoy the games on the big display screens at the event hall!

PSO2 has redecorated its lobby with a Sonic mini game! And they are giving all players an exclusive Sonic item when you input Sonic into the chat window! Nice overlap with their Sakura Taisen collaboration.

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax also has added a  new Sonic stage! It seems that even the gaming industry is full of Sonic fans. 

Attention all Hatsune Miku fans. PS4's Project DIVA FT has Hatsune Miku in a Sonic outfit available for DLC to celebrate both Sonic and its 6th year anniversary.

Nintendo also release Mario and Sonic Rio Olympic on WiiU today. Sonic really is consoles' Mickey Mouse. 

Let's not forget the fans. A Primary School kid made this cake and Sega posted it on their Twitter. Never too young to catch Sonic Fever!

Latte art from yet another fan. 

Sonic! Sega staff fooling around the entrance of their arcade.

There is also talk of a new Sonic game. I will write another article once we have more details. Once again, happy birthday Sonic!

Written by Don

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