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Something exciting is up this August.  Ugh.. A lot of us maybe have been busy with a lot of things that made us do a lot of anime appreciation solo, alone, lonesome, no one with, solitary (whatever you want to call it) and most probably we are looking for breathers.  We are looking for something to break our nasty  "insert occupation here"- anime/manga time habit.  I mean, we can't really blame anyone if our work turns us into vampires because night shift is the only shift they can offer us or the professor makes us despise her more on top of suspecting she was a scary spider mother off to make learning seem like the best thing but we are pawned... Yikes! So instead of being alienated from the world, we often times look for people we can definitely agree with, wait, I always mention this everytime there's an upcoming event... must renew writing skills.

So what was I blabbering about?

An Epic Concordance of Science and Magic

This event is by the Neo Tokyo Project and will be sponsored by the following: *SCAPE Co. Ltd, Blizzard Entertainment, and anibee.


It will be happening on the 25th of August 2013, 10am-10pm > definitely not a reason not to go, at the *SCAPE Warehouse.


One thing I've noticed in Singapore, you have to secure tickets weeks before any event or if possible right after that first commercial aired wherever.

Whew.. since I am posting this now.. erm.. we exactly have more than a week to catch the tickets which some of them might have been released last July..

Tickets are available at 5SGD for regular tickets and 30SGD for VIP pass which is not called VIP for no reason, trust me or see for your self what entails the VIP pass, better check the website

Tickets according to their FB page will be available at the door during the convention, but for people who wants to go straight ahead and claim there space inside tickets are steadily sold at

Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen St,


I know, I know. The next step when you've grabbed your tickets solely depends on what type anime fan you are.... you know, the fangirling/fanboying type, the serious critic about crafts, the meet and greet type, or whatever category you just might want to be as in a convention.  The following information I will be providing is as general as possible so muggles won't have any dizziness or fainting problems due to complications of whatever trip each experienced con-goers are regularly doing.... 

FOR THE FANGIRLS/FANBOYS a.k.a. Art Appreciator-slash-Undercover-Photographer

The following awesome people will be there:


Clive Lee

Jay Tablante

For more details or simply clueless who these people are, you can check the page

For the Craftsmen and the Cats: The Blizzard Cosplay Runway

Wear your favorite blizzard costume and breathe the life you've consumed your time with, blaze not only with the craft you've made but for the love of whatever blizzard games you love.

Now, now, we don't want you missing out.. the website says,yes..this one that the registration is free and you have to do it before the 15th of August ends.. that's two days from now. :)

For the Loud and Proud and those with Bloodline Limit for Talent

Show them what you're made of, that more than the pretty face or the awesome costume, there's just something in you that sets apart bozo from the real thing. *Serious face*


Yes.. I can sense the enormous strength and potential in you, dear reader... you just might make it, only if you are strong enough to stand out.

Now this is the part where somebody needs to thoroughly explain to me how this thing works or something... I must admit this is the first time I have heard of it.. and I know.. Google will always help but.. circumstances are, I am in my laziest days so.. 

I guess I'll just go and see...

So I guess I've blabbered what I need to blabbered.. but just as any busy Josei person is, I hope I can make it on time or make it anyways. 

There's just so many things they have listed, must make sure I get my nose on one of them..

As for now I take my leave, the rain is so inviting.. good night, minna!

Written by SM

(Disclaimer: All of the photos used for this certain posts are from image search. I do not claim any rights or ownership for any of them.  It's a bit hard to find specific owners of them. But yeah, they're not mine..)

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