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Awesome Animangaki 2017

Animangaki is an awesome event for anime fans, organised by anime fans. Finally I had set foot to Sunway, KL for Animangaki 2017. The flight from Singapore to KL took just an hour. Jerry (Public & Media Relations) had suggested us to take a Grab or Uber to Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre instead of train or taxi. True enough, it was a seamless ride from KLIA airport to Sunway.

The venue for Animangaki 2017 was perfect because the convention centre was smacked right in the middle of a gigantic shopping mall, bigger than any mall in Singapore. We chose to stay in Sunway Clio Hotel which is just a stone throw away to the venue. Thus getting food and necessities wasn't a problem. The stretch of Sunway is most beautiful at night when the exterior of the buildings lit up in bright orange colours.

To help us pinpoint the venue in Day 2, we trailed a couple of cosplayers but we missed some turns as well. When we reached the entrance, we experienced bouts of excitement, fun and camaderie. Truly a place where all otakus come together as one. And I felt privileged to be invited to witness this extravaganza. I was surprised that Malaysians are crazy about Japanese subculture, in the way they behaved, cosplayed and sang along with the stage performers!

Keichan, the mascot of Animangaki drawn by various artists.

The stage area. The overall feel of the hall is that of spaciousness. The ceiling is very high and painted in black. This allows plenty of air circulation and a feeling of cozyness. 10/10 for location!

You won't know who is an otaku on the streets. But in an anime convention, you know everyone is an otaku! 


Talented artists. Even more pro at marketing. You know how chicken-rice stall uncles slowly chop the chickens so that passers-by perceive that their chickens are the best. Same logic ^^

This event is a haven for Doujin lovers. With a total of 120 doujin booths, you can take hours to navigate through all the rows. Do arm your wallet with money for commissioned artworks as well.

A groupshot with Kendrick Ng, a very warm and enthusiastic chap. Also bought his "Kendylife Chibi Pocket Edition comic book". By the way, our media relations manager Neko was standing on the left beside me (holding camera).

Sometimes I hold the namecard of the illustrator so that I can remember who's who after the event. I bought some bookmarks from BlackZeroSeven.

This is a cute Unicorn plush which Neko had purchased.

Photo of Jerry from Animangaki and myself. Thanks for the hospitality! ^^

Bought some doujin stuffs from the wonderful booth sellers

Kari of Capripuff drew our OC Amami Kisa (Queen Bee). Isn't she adorable?

I had a wonderful time in Animangaki 2017. The organisers had done a terrific job in terms of planning, logistics, crowd control and users' experience. I remember they even set up a water station for people to quench their thirst. That was so thoughtful! 

See you in August 2018, Animangaki!

Written by Max

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