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Assassination Classroom 2: Graduation

Hello fellas and welcome back!

Ansatsu has a sequel that has recently been released in SG, and it doesn't matter if you've caught the first one; you should definitely go and book tickets for the sequel right now.

The second movie is titled Graduation, and it is utterly amazing. I just watched it yesterday, and have cried myself dry at the ending.

irina's wig upgraded! she looks so much better now
Spoilers ahead!?

With Graduation, the movie series has ended, and on a heartbreaking note, where we see the end of Sensei's life.

The buildup and the sound effects were once again pretty amazing, as with the CGI. Overall I would rate the movie a 10/10 IF NOT for the fact that the middle of the movie as draggy and awkward as heck.

There was the part of Sensei's backstory, with him being Shinigami, and the part where he got captured (tho his disciple was not shown), and also the part where he was experimented on, which is okay, and pretty necessary, right? Then of course Yukimura sensei was also shown, because that's a big part, right? The awkward part came from Yukimura sensei and Koro sensei's scenes together.

Sure, that bit was necessary as well, but it was going on and on and on for forever. Or maybe it was just me. Especially with the bit where they started getting to know each other and the subtle flirting!!!

Throughout that whole portion we were just all going "?? But there are a dozen camera recording your every move?? Is no one else feeling as awkward?? Is this a tragic soap opera for the researchers?? Is the villain not against this??"

Once that portion passed though, the movie was back to being A***

There was a fight scene with the evil head researcher vs Koro Sensei, and oooh boy that was amazeballs. The researcher stabbed himself with multiple vials of the cells, and mutated into this weird tree looking creature. The whole fight was pretty one sided, with Koro Sensei getting wrecked, until Kayano took a blow for him, and then Sensei did this explosion thing from his chest and ended the fight.

And then because he was weak as hell already, he managed to convince the the students this was the prime time to assassinate him, and the whole assassination then was just heartbreaking. With the whole class holding down his tentacles, and Nagisa sobbing his eyes out while prepping to stab Koro Sensei right in the heart, I don't even want to think about it any more. I cried all the tears I had.

Please go watch the movie for yourself!!1!!!1 (I couldn't find much stills, but here is the trailer)

Nerd out for now..

Written by: ninetylives 

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