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Sakamoto desu ga? - Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto -

I had this peculiar dream once of an interesting albeit over-the-top person who went by the family name Sakamoto. Tall, bespectacled, composed. He was a fine example of a living thing, earning popularity points with the ladies but shunned by the men who felt threatened by his presence. Sakamoto would do everyday, mundae things in a cool, refreshing way. Honestly, most of his antics were a little too extreme though they would still make the cut for entertainment value. I was a tad overwhelmed in any case, but I couldn't possibly tell Sakamoto how I had felt.

As mentioned, the men (or more specifically, boys) disliked Sakamoto for just about everything that he did, since it meant that he was effortlessly the centre of attention intentionally or not. A little gang had hated him enough to pull all sorts of tricks on him, yet the boys hadn't realised that Sakamoto was just as smart if not smarter. I wouldn't have thought of carrying an umbrella into a toilet cubicle, preventing the worst case scenario of being drenched by a sudden downpour. It was quite a sight though. 

Well, Sakamoto did befriend one of his male classmates who had been the target of extortion. He had witnessed the act from afar, and offered to help his classmate: by working part-time at a fastfood restaurant. It couldn't get any funnier, yet it still did anyway. The bad guys showed up at the outlet and spotted the classmate. With much menace, they told him to meet up at the park after his shift. What happened after was rather predictable, until Sakamoto surprised the bad guys with a couple of attack combos. His classmate also had a few things under the sleeves, though they needed more work according to Sakamoto.

There was also some kind of a rivalry going on among a few girls who all wanted a piece or more of Sakamoto. One particular girl had been very, very enthusiastic towards getting Sakamoto's attention that her own moves hilariously backfired. Well, considering the type of person Sakamoto was, any attempt to steer him towards another direction other than his own would simply crumble like crumbs. The aggressive contest among the girls was a treat to watch. I would never dare fool around with Kokkuri-san, since much had long been said about the game. In this context, it was merely the deeds of human.

Anyway, Sakamoto could well be a figment of everybody's imagination. He could be what a lot of us had always hoped to become. The subconscious would hold a certain image of somebody who would then find a place somewhere to be seen and heard. When we could finally meet that person, the madness would follow. Just like how Sakamoto had an entire class of students charmed by his antics. I was still able to think clearly though. Sakamoto was somebody who I could only imagine of. I wouldn't think of living life as Sakamoto. It would be much easier that way. After all, dealing with what he had to deal with routinely could dry up anybody else's brains.

I was relieved to have seen and heard Sakamoto albeit briefly. It was definitely something out of this world.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪  

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