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A Bedazzling (?) Swimsuit Competition

It isn't that time of the year...well, not quite there yet. Nonetheless, the still-recovering panel of judges would like to see a new edition of the swimsuit competition. Yeah, that is an awfully slow recovery. Okay, I shall do them a big favour by hitting the pools and beaches once more! 

Erm, excuse me lady? Why are you looking at me like that? Nope, I have no idea where your boyfriend is. I am sure there is somebody else who could help find him. You see, I am a little busy at the moment. There is a swimsuit competition in the making, and I am trying to entice people into participating. While you are searching for your darling, perhaps you would like to consider putting your name down? I am not sure if there is going to be an all-paid vacation somewhere for the winner, but there might be watermelons!

Sumimasen, do you have a minute to spare? I am looking for candidates for an upcoming swimsuit competition, and there could be a prize for the lucky girl. Oh, there really isn't any prerequisite. I mean, just for your knowledge this swimsuit competition used to have a rather depressing fate. Well, I have a panel of supposedly distinguished judges, but all of them are still lying in the hospital from an old condition. If you could kindly consider helping out, I would give you this discount coupon for watermelons!

Hello there, would you like to...huh? Oh no, I am afraid you have mistaken my intention here! Jeez, are you always so skeptical of others? I am undoubtedly a talent scout somewhat, but I am not casting for adult movies! Hey, why are you pulling your swimsuit straps? I don't need to see you naked, you creep! This is a swimsuit competition, not XXX! I will just leave this namecard and watermelon coupon right here. 

Good day, lady! May I have a word with you, pretty please? Pardon me for interrupting your meditation, but would you be interested to take part in a swimsuit competition due later? Oh, I have this all-you-can-eat watermelon feast that you can share with some friends if you like. Yeah, that is a fine design you are wearing. Well, I shan't disturb you any longer. Please consider!

Hey there! Do you like watermelon? Ah, I am not selling any though...but I do have these coupons which will entitle you and your friends to some! Oh, you are practising for a beach volleyball showdown? I am so sorry to have disturbed your training, but should you be remotely interested later, I am putting together a swimsuit competition. Hope to hear from you!

Uh, oneesan? Is that a sea cucumber you are squeezing? Hello, I was wondering if you would be keen to showcase your talents to an audience? Oh, I am not representing a television station though. It is some small outdoor event just for a little fun and entertainment. You do come across as confident, adventurous and...uh, talented! Here is a stack of coupons for you and your friends. Let me know your decision!

......just who am I kidding? Pray tell, will this ever work? I better save some watermelon for omimai.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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