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Kasuka na Kanojo, Kaseifu no Mita and Late Night Restaurant...

Lately, I’ve been on a binge in watching dramas that I’ve put aside since the third quarter of last year. The reason why I put it aside was mostly due to internship as well as my final year project. A minuscule part of it was because of finding a better time to end it. Having finally graduated from polytechnic and as well as having my own room (for a moment), I decided to finish watching them.

The first drama I watched was the J-drama, Kasuka na Kanojo. I have not touched it yet so I kind of begin with a new series instead of continuing on what I left from. 

The story follows a teacher, who recently transferred to a new school who has the ability to see ghosts. The apartment he recently moved into to be closer to the school happens to be haunted by a female ghost. The female ghost tried to haunt him but instead had the tables turned on her. Thus, sprout the friendship between a teacher and a ghost. The drama’s actually much more than that but this was the basis of the story. It follows closely on the teacher’s growth from not caring much for his students to shedding tears for them. And all of it was the influence of the ghost “haunting” him. 

I really like this drama a lot. From its funny comedic acts between the ghost and the teacher to the issues faced by his students and the struggles they overcome. It was a really enjoyable series that I was really sad that it only had 11 episodes. The ending arc was really good as I get to see a romance between the ghost and the teacher and there was quite a funny scene involve in it too.

The next drama that I watched was the J-drama, Kaseifu no Mita. I actually watched the show halfway through which made me asked myself why did I do that. I didn’t think that I would stop watching it as I remembered that I was getting into the story. I remembered the reason why I picked it up was from watching a Japanese talk show online and the actress for Kii was interviewed for her role on how she performed it. I got curious and there I was finding where I could watch it. I found out there was a Korean adaptation for it as well while I was searching for it. 

The story follows a family on the verge of breaking apart. Due to the mother’s recent passing, the father decided to hire a housekeeper to take care of the household chores and the family as he was busy with work and the kids are at school. The housekeeper that was hired was called Mita, which was where the title originates from as the story revolves around her and the interactions with the family she takes care of. The story was really good. They really make you like the characters that you should like and hate characters that should be hated. But not only that, they then make you not hate the character you hate… as much. I guess maybe given the circumstances what that character did may have been justified… But I am not sure since I have not experience what he had faced. The story was overall a serious show where there were hardly any comedy moments but instead, you get to be amazed by Mita herself as there was seemingly nothing that she can’t possibly do, based on human capabilities. The personality of her character and the history behind it really makes the story. Having her with the trait of “will do anything you tell her to as long as it is within her capability” acts a drive factor to the story. And whenever she introduces herself, you just can’t help but copy her. It reminds me of Sakamoto desu ga? with her usually saying “Kaseifu no Mita desu” and the opening credits roll after.

The final one that I watched was the K-drama, “Late Night Restaurant”. I know there is the Japanese adaptation for it but it was hard to find on the internet. I decided to go ahead with the Korean adaptation instead. I absolutely love this series. 80% of the reason why was because of the food, while the other 20% was split into the art direction, the story and the opening song. 

The food just looks so delicious through the screen and it gets more intensified when watching the show past midnight with a hungry stomach. I couldn’t help but break out the Thai Green Curry that I bought just to stop my stomach from growling. I really do wonder if there actually exist such a shop right here in Singapore. The art direction for the show was just amazing. It creates the atmosphere really well. The dimly lit lights, the wooden tabletop and utensils, the ceramic tableware and the different customers that patronise the shop creates a texture for the show. I like the first few stories for the series where it involves a student and a gang member, which I felt had a very unique relationship. And the opening song for the show was just amazing. 

Such a perfect fit for the series. A slow laid-back, easy-going pace where I can’t help but slowly sway my head left and right and hum to the song.


Mata ne~

Written by Zwei


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