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Binge A Happy Halloween

The Japanese people never fail to amaze and tempt me with their ever awesomely innovative means of living out their daily lives, and they really take occasions very seriously! Doesn't anybody wish that they could be in Japan this instance? Halloween is a great reason to splurge those dollars and cents on Japanese ideas. What is otherwise a mundane thing gets turned into something so tantalising that one forgets for a moment.

This should effectively ward off the vampires loitering around the neighbourhood. Doritos in Garlic and Pepper! I am not fond of garlic, but the idea sits relatively well for a Halloween party. See how cute the packaging is? There is a flock of bats hovering the skies! Come to think of it, the Doritos do resemble bat wings...

Would you care for some fries drenched in pumpkin and chocolate sauce? Dining at fast food restaurants in Japan must be a blissful feeling, particularly on holidays and such. Seriously, our fries pale too much in comparison! Sure, some people may say that it is just pumpkin and chocolate, but at least it isn't boring. I could easily forgo my diet for this!

Okay, this is killing me. Would anybody eat a squid ink burger? See what I mean? How about a Camembert Chicken burger? Camembert is a type of cow's milk cheese. Just take my money...okay, there isn't a way is there? And the poster alone is enough to kill me over and over...

Shall I go on? While I have no idea if the chicken pieces are any different from the usual, the creative effort is vital in encouraging consumers to take a bucket home. I am no advertising expert, but I like to believe that something like this shouldn't cost an arm or a leg. Besides, this is real eye candy! 

For desserts, I certainly wouldn't mind an entire packet of mini KitKat...Pumpkin Pudding! And the individual wrappers are all different! Okay, please excuse me...I have to wipe the drool off my face. I haven't had a KitKat since...never mind! We need something like this, and more of this!

If anybody is in Japan right now, and happens to drink this...nah, I shall not let out sighs of envy. Nope, I will not.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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