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E3 review: Demos of Kingdom Hearts and Wild Guns

Now that the madness that is E3 is drawing to a close, I can finally cover the titles featured without missing anything. 

Now E3, unlike Tokyo Game Show, does not expressive prohibit recordings, unless the companies do so. There are tons of demos you can play at E3. That, to me is the real exclusives of E3, since game trailers and teasers will be released anyway. But every wannabe out with a cam out there is trying get his minutes of fame. It is irritating to say the least. I have therefore selected demos that do not have any unwanted commentaries. The game should speak for itself. 

E3 demo video courtesy of bdcool213. Because cool guys don't have to speak lol. The 17 minute demo covers the events right after Birth By Sleep. No, I'm not bothering with any spoiler alerts. It has been 6 long years since the release. Aqua was stuck in some sort of other realm after you complete the true end of BBS. The backdrop is actually Cinderella's castle. She seems to have retained most of her moves from BBS, and there is a new heartless that sprouts fireballs.

Moving on to after the bridge, you can use Ragnarok again. Multiple lock ons for multiple hits. Devastating on a single target, as he demonstrates later. There is also a new batlike heartless.

The last battle of the demo is against the shapeless mass of darkness, which you see in the official trailer. He was actually hit several times and had to heal. And it ends with this being all in her mind. We'll just have to wait till the release in December, when Square also says more details on KH3 will be out. My guess is there will be a demo bundled with 2.8. 

 Sony has started a revival wave recently, releasing many remastered retro games. Their Play Doujin Project, especially, is a hit amongst non-console gamers, since they ported many Touhou Doujin games onto PS4 and Vita. Especially since Zun is their representative now.

I could not believe, however, that they have revived Wild Guns. You can see the trailer at Natsume's website. This is really a cult hit retro game. 

Wild Guns was first released way back on the SFC in 1994. A fast paced 2d gunslinger western, it was unique for its time. You start out by shooting up the town. Almost every piece of furniture, vehicle, or sign board you see can be destroyed.  And you think it is just a conventional western, until you see this, the boss of Stage 1. 

You can lasso your enemies, shoot them to smithereens with various weapons, smash them close range with your gun, this was very complex for the gaming scene then. And the music was good. Just a disclaimer: games then were difficult, and Wild Guns is no exception. You probably will not be able to clear this until you get very good at it. Value for money(?)

Wild Guns will probably be released this year, but as of now, we have no details on price or release date yet. This year is looking to be a good one.

Written by Don

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