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PSP: 7th Dragon 2020

Hello fellas!

I've been off the grid lately because work, and I've gotten a whole bunch of new games recently! Some of them are not thaaaat new, since yknow, PSP. Initially I was looking for new 3DS games, and chanced upon 7th Dragon III Code: VFD (if I got that right), but it was seventy plus bucks what the heck.

There are people selling second hand for half the price, but I wasn't willing to pay for it considering that I had no idea what it was like. After some research, I found that it was pretty similar to the turn-based Final Fantasy series, and if was similar to FF, that would mean that a lot of grinding was needed.

The character customization was pretty cute though, and I really wanted to play a demo before I decided to purchase it, so I did a little digging and tadah~ I found a version for the PSP! There are lesser character choices in 2020 than in Code: VFD, but it doesn't really matter to me. I really really dislike the grinding part of FF, so guess how glad I was when I found out you could choose the difficulty level!

I picked easy, because again, I'm more of a plot person. Even on easy mode though, I still had to grind just a little bit to defeat the boss dragons. Though Google and several forums helped.

Anyway! In 7th Dragons, the world has basically been overrun by dragons, and you + your team, have special genes (?) that allow you to destroy the dragons. Cue travelling all over Tokyo and unlocking the 7 dragon bosses that you must defeat to reclaim the land for humanity.

The whole system is quite cute, and although Wiki does show you which character is predestined for which job, you can mix and match to your own preference. Which, in this case, I happily chose the Loli for the Destroyer job, the Hoodie for Trickster, and I actually re-picked several times to find a character that matched my team aesthetics. I was going for the Samurai as the last of my members, and initially picked the Original Samurai, but in game his sprite's hair was so flat!





So I took him out and put in the red haired (Destroyer) instead, but I classed her as a Samurai. After picking your sprites and classes, you can next choose voice audio, and to add on to the mess, I gave each of them those sarcastic smug voices. Except for my Loli, because as much as I wanted to give her something else, the monotonous loli voice suited her best.

The only problem is after creating your main team, if you do decide to add on other characters, it's impossible to check which voice your current characters are equipped with. I ended up with similar sounding voices, and I couldn't even tell if they were the same.

You'll also be able to pick one out of two navigators, and I went with the male because he was so snarky, and I felt the female was a bit mild.

3.6 Miroku

3.7 Miina
Anyway onward to the story! Considering the sprites are in chibi form, everything is super cute! The way they attack, they way they run on the map, their super cute ponytails flying in the wind.. But I digress. To proceed further into the story, you'll need Dragon materials to upgrade/ build facilities, and that requires you to really scour and clear each dungeon map. So far I'm only on the 3rd Boss, and I really like to map out entire dungeons, and even then I feel that somehow I'm lacking enough dragon materials.

my team matchup! got these images off google tho
Under the map menu, the game will actually let you know how many dragons are left for complete clearance, but not to worry if it looks like you've cleared the map but there are still dragons left. It seems like some dragons are left there for side quest completion, and some are only accessible in the later stages.

Oh oh!! Miku makes multiple appearances too! There will be a side quest to save her, although so far I'm not too sure what's her purpose in game, but it seems like you can unlock a Diva Room one you've rescued her, and in turn that unlocks new soundtracks?

see the flat hair sprite!!
In any case, I haven't played that much, but so far 7th Dragon is a win from me! After finishing the PSP version I would probably purchase the 3DS version too~ If any of you guys still have a PSP, I highly recommend playing 7th Dragon 2020!!

Nerd out!

Written by: ninetylives

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