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Love Live School Idol Festival - Japanese Server: YoChika Score Match Event + Musings On Love Live in General

Musings. No pun intended however.

Orange hair loves muse the most out of all the 9 people in their group, though
A new school idol group, Aqours, debuts in a second installment of the Love Live series. Love Live Sunshine!! tells of a story of (also) nine girls' desire to dream big and reach for the greater things by becoming school idols - and to also save their school from closing due to its diminishing popularity amongst the graduating middle schoolers (like Muse's school).

Speaking of which, many comparisons have been made between Aqours and Muse: (Chika is the new Honoka, said someone. Yo looks like Hanayo only with grey hair and with the personality of Rin, said another someone. Ruby has the nervous personality of Hanayo. Another student president in the group. Another pianist. A chuunibyou in the group that is somewhat like Nico. Et cetera. I could go on, but let's stop here.)

Personally, I don't really like comparing one thing to another, even more so when one character is obviously not exactly the same as the other. Though there are quite jarring similarities between some of Muse and Aqours members, I decided to just go with the flow... And see who I like. As a casual fan of this series I want to spare myself from nitpicking on the character design, the plot and character development is also vital to the story after all. Though I do sometimes wonder why questionable illustrations of the girls pop up from time to time...

That thigh gap
Back to the event game.

In this YoChika event, Yo is a point-based reward, first copy at 25k points, second at 60k, third at 100k. 3 copies of Chika is given to tier 1, 2 for tier 2, 1 for tier 3, none for everyone else below that.

I like how unidolised Chika looks :3
Many people did find the idolised versions plain. Well Yo is my second best girl in Aqours, and I do find the idolised version adorable, and it is a points-based reward so I do not need to fret about rising tiers, and I require more Aqours members, so I went for it.

(At the end of everything I ended up in tier 2 and got 2 copies of Chika, but she's still resting in my members list, not yet awakened.)

In my opinion, quite a lot of initial Aqours songs sound really pleasing, and I dare say even more so than the initial Muse songs. This can make playing this event all the more enjoyable: when you start on a score match, you get a random song to play, and then you select your team to go with the song's attribute.

Except that... You will be matched up with 3 other players, and if you end up dead last in terms of score rankings you'll get the least amount of event points at the end.

So much for full combo!!!!!!!! I placed 4th.
To top it off, for this YoChika event they added a new score match point ranking system. (Let's call it SMP - it's a mouthful otherwise.)

Here they explain that the updated points will be calculated at the results page (where your score match rank out of the 4 players is revealed).

Here they explain how your SMP ranking will be calculated - it's based on the difficulty of the song and from the other players you will face. The more difficult the level of the song you are playing, the easier it is to lose or win more points, and vice versa.

So now, not only do you have to worry about placing in less-than-desirable rankings out of the 4 players, you'd also have to worry about the amount of SMP you can lose/win (more of lose when the person who scores the highest amongst all the 4 players, gets a really high score that is way beyond your reach even if you somehow magically get a UR sometime during the event.)

A few of my favourite cards of my best girl: R to UR
This new system annoyed me quite a bit - there were moments I got the 4th position status, consecutively, even though the song changed and so did the song attributes, which mean I get to use my stronger (or... weaker teams).

It's also my fault I kept playing random ex mode as well, hence more points lost as a result LOL
Or, well, you could look at the new system as a bonus - just keep playing as much as you want and get some seals at the end no matter how much - but it's hard to overlook it entirely. In addition, you will get matched up with people with around the same SMP ranking as you and if your team is strong enough and your playing wasn't too shoddy you'll be ranked first or second, get more SMP, and end up with significantly more chances of meeting players with higher level teams, and the cycle repeats.

Ran into an event ranking 3rd player. Honoka cries
SMP ranking rewards. Seals are given.
What are seals for?

One of the best parts of this game is to be able to get a nice-looking card, and idolise it (the Japanese server calls it awaken) - and it will be typically more intricate and aesthetically pleasing than the unidolised version. Most of all, idolising powers up the card and boosts the team when levelled up and used.

Getting a UR - and getting it idolised - is a goal for many players (even the whales, though they are able to do so faster - practising away duplicate/unwanted cards give you 1 seal each of the same rarity)

Before the game's major update that happened a few months back, you need two copies of a card in order to get it idolised. Now you have an additional option to do so with seals. For idolising one UR with seals, you need:
1. 1 UR seal, OR
2. 5 SS seals, OR
3. 25 SR seals, OR
4. 500 R seals.

(Sorry Marine Umi.)


Being in tier 2, I received a free scouting ticket. The new Aqours Cheerleader set was just out, so I decided to try my luck there.

The new set. Orange haired girls crying ftw? 8'D
What I got

An event card that I didn't tier for! :O Not that I'm complaining.

Nearly all Aqours cards are looking really good so far - and the hype for Love Live Sunshine continues to be present in the fandom and in the game as well (relatively high tier cutoff points for Aqours events on both Japanese and English server). It's high likely a season 2 will be released as the plot and characters have not been yet fully developed, and season 1 ended when they were just starting to debut in the world of school idols. Looking forward to what Aqours will bring in future!

Thanks for sticking around!

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