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Toys Collection - Gundam, Moko Moko Mokolet and Pokemon Slot Machine

Hi Guys,

Here are some review of a couple of toys collection, new and old which I have collected. First, the Mobile Gundam Fortune figurines made sometime in 2005. This boxset was kept in my carton box which was placed near the laundry area. I failed to keep the window closed before I left for work and the heavy downpour had caused the base to become wet and some of my toys were ruined. I discarded half of my collection and kept the other half. The box of these Gundam cuties were ruined as well but luckily, they were individually sealed with their original plastic bags. A few days later, I headed to Ikea to buy some gigantic transparent boxes with lids. So don't make the same mistake that I do by using cardboard boxes to store valuable toys.

So these are the Gundam cuties, standing a little over an inch. I have written most of the other toys previously.

Even with their individual plastic bags, some of the figures had dust on it. I took a piece of tissue and dipped a little of water and clean them off. I hate dust! If you want to know how to keep dust to a minimum, do read Reina's article on toys maintenance.

I love Super Sonico because they are cute and sexy. Here is a rubber strap from Banpresto. The quality is excellent but I wish it can be smaller which will make it super kawaii.

Next up, we have the mini toilet DIY candy toy called the "Moko Moko Mokolet Series 3". There are 4 versions in this series and the blue one is what I had picked. The self assembly took me just 10 minutes. I was supposed to mix the different powders and stir inside the toilet bowl to make a drink but I skipped that step. All I want is that kawaii toilet bowl. The Japanese are such a creative and weird people ^_*.

 Mirai loves this cute Mokolet. She can do her spa thingy.

Mirai is happy to find a matching mini toilet roll and holder. I've heard men and women poop differently. While men will make the most disgusting constipated face while pooping, women are generally happy when they deliver a poop, just like a sakura blossoming. Is that true?

There is a new anime/toy/gift shop that I came across yesterday in JEM, just below the Cathay Cinema level. They have about a dozen Gashapon Machines and I saw this kawaii little Pokemon Slot Machine by TAKARA TOMY A.R.T.S.

 Beautiful blue Slot Machine with six gold coins and some decals.

 Wowla, after inserting four coins, they won't accept anymore coins.
Don't you feel the same way when you have money but there are no cabs?

 The three front buttons are just for show. You can't press them.

Luckily, the side level isn't for show. I pull it and the slot machine actually spins. However, each column doesn't spin independently. All three columns spin as a set. So the winning combination is fixed too. I hit the winning jackpot after a couple of spins but there was no payout! Well, not surprisingly for a miniature toy like this. In fact, I will be impressed if it does! ^_*

Do you have any of these whimiscal toys?

Written by Max

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