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Figure Unboxing and Review: Hatsune Miku Hanairogoromo Version (Stronger)

Apart from being sold at Sky Town, you can get her on AmiAmi or on Stronger's website. She's an exclusive, making her price increase after release, but her design is also another reason why she's so popular and so loved!

Let's look at how she is from several different perspectives, starting with the box itself!


While her box is nothing special, there's a pretty pattern that goes around the bright red base colors for the box, making her stand out. Simple as it is, it exudes elegance which ties in well with Miku in this version. Furthermore, even without the figure inside, there is a pretty back piece which makes the box even more lovely to view! I even think that the box looks better as such too!

The front and back views of the blister pack clearly shows what is enclosed inside -- the figure, umbrella, base and plants. Though there are few items, each is cleanly sculpted and painted and I will cover what I love about them later in the article.

However, do note that the blister is not secured with tape and mine actually opened on the bottom half during transit. Fortunately, nothing was damaged.

This is the illustration for the base and it is the same as the one in the yellow circle for the back piece in the box, thus making it more meaningful and memorable. The colors used are light and calming to look at.
The base isn't just a single layer but elevated. There is a huge dense of clear plastic above it. Furthermore, there are 2 metal pegs. One for Miku and one for the plant. Speaking of which, the plant is...
This is the plant piece that will be part of the base. It has the base color of green, matched with yellow and white, but it has stark reds and light pinks to stand out from this arrangement as well as tie in with the red of Miku's outfit.

Posing and Assembly

Here's a 360 of Miku. You can see that she is extremely detailed, especially her outfit. Furthermore, you see that there is a lovely gradient for her hair, going from teal to transparent to teal and then back to transparent again. Her obi and the bird are also sculpted and painted in a way which makes them stand out well against the rest of the figure on the whole.

Assembly-wise, the metal pegs are identical and you cannot differentiate well between the two. Use the official images to note which peg should be used for Miku and which is for the plant. Do note that Miku might be a little unstable due to her only having one peg inside her.

Sculpting and Painting
Let's start this section off with Miku's facial features. Though she doesn't have the typical bangs that Miku comes with, these new style suits this version very well. Thankfully, she comes with her typical hair color so we can all recognise her.

Other than this, we see that her facial details are well-painted and the individual ends of her hair strands are all crisp and sharp. As mentioned previously, the gradient for the hair at her ponytail is fascinating as well.
The ribbons at her ponytail comes with a slight gradient, but the colors are much more striking than her hair, especially the purple. It then ends with a whole line of flowers going from pink to translucent again. Not only does this fading of color make her look more elegant and fragile, it also ties in with the gradient for her hair too.
The pattern on her kimono is exquisite and elaborate. Though not many colors are used, the smart combination of reds and the contrasting green makes a very lively contrast in colors. The many layers of this outfit also adds dimension to this figure as well.

In the above image, you can see that her geta comes with two different colors, red and blue. These two are contrasting colors but they go so well together.
There's also the creases in the socks to make her look more realistic. Also, the way her feet are lifted in that pose is very believable and adds more details to the figure too.
In addition, the plants make up a very good decorative piece for this figure. The flowers are all intricately sculpted and come i 3 different types. Despite so, some flowers of the same species also come in different colors to add more dimension to the ornament.

Next, let's look at her obi. It comes with many layers and detailed patterns both on the string and the cloth. The only sad thing is that the sleeve on her raised right hand isn't sculpted deeper. The way it closes is a little unnatural.
 Next, we shall look at her with the umbrella!

It comes with a darker shadow (painted in navy) in the underside of the umbrella. This is to show the shadow cast when Miku raises her umbrella in this pose. Realistic and absolutely stunning!
 Unfortunately, there are no patterns on the top side of the umbrella or it would look so much better...
The bird is cleanly colored and has all the essential details. It even has a soft gradient from yellow to green. Definitely a feast for the eyes! 

And lastly, let's look at Miku with the amazing backpiece which came in the box~

 ~ Reina-rin

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