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National Gallery Singapore (with Monkey D. Luffy)

It was a pleasant day. The clouds were mostly white and fluffy (no pun intended, if anybody knows what I mean). I had agreed to go out with a friend - he is from abroad, and wanted me to show him places. He had complained that there wasn't anywhere he could dock his ship at, so inevitably I became his human navigator (calling myself a tour guide sounds too far-fetched). Today, I decided to show my friend one of the museums in Singapore. 

Welcome to National Gallery Singapore, Luffy! I said to him. As you can see, that was the best comfortable position he could manage without compromising on overall enjoyment. As the museum enforces strict rules on photography matters and such, Luffy could only stay hanging on my bag. But at least he got in for free! Great, no complaints thus far! Let's go!

Look over here, Luffy - this is the infrastructure of the National Gallery. I am no expert in architecture, but I have to say that I was impressed by how the entire building had shaped from scratch to completion. There are little people inside there, Luffy - can you spot them? 

See over there, Luffy? That man had founded Singapore, and his name is Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles. Without his keen eye, Singapore wouldn't be what it is. Did you know that Singapore was originally a Malay fishing village? Yeah, the people went out to sea. No, Luffy - nobody was looking for hidden treasure. They were fishermen! 

Now, in Singapore we have City Hall and Supreme Court - two very prominent places that are rich in history. Isn't it nice to have areas named after such? Feels a lot grander, huh? No, Luffy - there isn't a One Piece Wing around. Anyway, what kind of a name is that? Are you ordering fried chicken? 

Did you like art as a kid, Luffy? Over here, there is an entire section dedicated to learning for school children - these are just some of their masterpieces. Aren't they beautiful? Nope, I can't draw to save myself. I like the idea of smudging crayons though.

I wonder what it is like to live under a royal ruling, Luffy. People do bow and curtsy, don't they? It must be rather suffocating as well, don't you think? Well, at least the statue over here is calming to look at. No, Luffy - we don't bow and curtsy to statues. Let's move on.

I like just how spacious everywhere is. Be careful on the stairs, Luffy - I have to say that they are quite the flight (pun absolutely intended)! A great place doesn't have to be overly fancy, don't you think? Besides, the entire stretch reminds me of some adventure deep down the dungeons. No, Luffy - there is no hidden treasure here.

Luffy, look over here - this is the Merlion! Well, except that its back is facing us. Yeah, it is easily the best representative of the country. In fact, many tourists would flock over to the Merlion and spend hours with it! No kidding. It is both bewildering and scary to think about the situation. Nope, we aren't seeing the real thing. Stay still!

I used to think that it must be really nice to be able to play a musical instrument, Luffy. Isn't the piano lovely? No, it is out of bounds. If this place were a concert venue, I bet we would get lots of people hollering requests and encores. Come to think of it, the piano does seem a little out of place. Yeah, perhaps a pianist would make a big difference.

Let's look at more artwork, shall we? These are reminiscent of history and culture. 

Of course, we also get exposed to a wide variety of experimental pieces, be them paintings, installations, sculptures, blah blah blah. Oh, hello again, Sir! 

One can see the surrounding buildings in City Hall from the terrace. However, this isn't the rooftop, Luffy - there is another level upwards! But it is awfully hot here, so let's not stay out too long. 

Visitors can also take a piece of art home with them at Gallery & Co. There are many choices of postcards, stationery, bags, nostalgic toys, blah blah blah. Each item tells a unique story that is flavourful. But we aren't shopping today, Luffy.

Shall we go for one more quick round before saying goodbye, Luffy? Aww, don't look so sad - the National Gallery will still be here, you know. We should really take a break soon - my legs are about to fall apart!

See you next time! We have had fun, haven't we, Luffy? ^^

National Gallery Singapore
1 St. Andrews Road
Singapore 178957

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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